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My Friend Pedro Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Karak sits down to review My Friend Pedro for PC and Switch.
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I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don’t discuss all the game, this is the right place. No big website 2 minute stuff here.

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40 thoughts on “My Friend Pedro Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. My Friend Pedro – Hotline Miami of 2019. Change my mind.

    And ummm… Regarding the 'locked at 60 FPS thing'… On PC it's possible to change the max FPS the game will try to stay at. Default is 60 FPS.

  2. I played through the game in 4 hours (I know, slow) and now I, am having the most fun I’ve ever had rerunning for those S ranks 🙂

  3. you absolutely forgot this was a flash-game! it was originally made by adult swim, and how this game faithfully follows its mechanics

  4. It does feel like hipsters made this game. Something about the character's manbun, the color palette, character design of several enemies and a certain comment ingame about fathers gives it away. It's still great fun though. The ingame joke about violent gamers was quite funny. All in all it felt somewhat similar to Ruiner.

  5. This game is so good. I beat it day 1 😭. I hated the levels towards the end of the game. They disrupted what made the game fun. Its pace with fun fast action. But outside of that small gripe i love it. Worth every penny

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