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My (Live) Smear Test and how Important it is to have one!

Join me in my most recent visit to the Doctors when I go to my recent smear test to find out what happens. does it hurt when you have a smear test? Do you Bleed after a smear test? and what they are looking for?

Here are some more sites listed below with some more great information.


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3 thoughts on “My (Live) Smear Test and how Important it is to have one!

  1. You didn’t say that if you are a virgin smear tests are not necessary and a complete waste of time I’m never going to have one ever even if I ever have sex

  2. Live in UK with abnormal pap smear they will skip coloscopy give you leep procedure so hospital can make more money. Leep procedure has lot of side effects, loss libido, loss orgram function, nerves connect up to cervix can be harmful. Harder to get pregnant and shorter cervix.
    Had CIN 3 and HPV used escharotic treatment normal pap smear.

    Before and after pap smear do they put fingers in side vagina area. Pelvic exam are not useful screening too healthy women and can be harmful especially sexual abuse women. They are not effective way to diagnose ovarian cancer or STD. Pelvic exam are so anxiety inducing uncomfortable or painful that can cause healthy women to avoid medical care altogether. Oxox

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