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Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – Top 10 Best Characters To Play In Naruto Storm 3

Im Back!!! And in this video is just my opinon on the top 10 characters to play on Naruto Storm 3, Other Opinions may very :3

10. Hashirama
09. Gaara
08. Kabuto
07. Jounin Minato
06. Suigetsu
05. PTS Obito
04. Killer Bee
03. Susanoo Sasuke
02. Hinata
01. Taka Sasuke



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36 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – Top 10 Best Characters To Play In Naruto Storm 3

  1. The characters I'mma use once I get the Trilogy on the Switch are EMS Sasuke, Hinata, Ino, Madara, Kakashi, and Minato

  2. Are you guys dumb?Do you even play any op characters?PICK KABUTO(the normal one).HIS TOGGLE MOVE LURK CHAKRA DISSECTION BLADE IS EVERYTHING

    This video is my personal thoughts of who the best characters to use in Naruto Storm 3 online, back in (FALL 2013) Almost 3 years ago. Most likely things have changed throughout the years and again its MY personal opinion, so don't get butthurt if your favorite character is on this list.

  4. Anyway I am curious which Sasuke with Susano is more powerful this one from the video attacking with that arrow or the other one from his sword? Thank you

  5. Das mit Sasuke stimmt Platz 1 ist auch mein Lieblings Charaktere aber wo ist der Maskierte Mann oder Madara die haben wenn man sie richtig einsetzt übelst die Kräfte und Shisuis Secial attack einfach

  6. yo i disagree on number 5 that should have been neji cause he's way better and why have 2 sasuke itachi should have been number 3 but its you're opinon

  7. 1- Darui (Gap closer tilt, Long ranged jutsu, fast attack animation that allows you to combo cancel freely
    2- five kage summit naruto (better awekening moveset than the bijuu bomb one, also the tilt is pretty useful)
    3/4- minato (either version is fine, jounin is faster, hokage has a longer ultimate range)
    5- neji (great awekening)
    6- ameterasu sasuke (ulti cant be missed after a jutsu, great awekening and great moveset)
    7- hiruzen (amazing reaction time)
    8- edo itachi (strong awekening, nice moveset)
    9- the ones with a shield/dodge tilt (jinchuriki of 3 tails, haku, obito from the great ninja war e.t.c.)
    10- spammers (deidara, shino, tenten, jinchuriki of 6 tails e.t.c.)

  8. Here are my Top 10 Best Characters to Play as:

    1) Sasuke (Hebi)
    2) Sasuke (Susanoo)
    3) Sasuke (EMS)
    4) Sasuke (Chunin Exams)
    5) Sasuke (Akatsuki)
    6) Minato
    7) Kakashi
    8) Jiraiya
    9) Tsunade
    10) Hinata

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