17 thoughts on “NEW 2019- MARTIN D10E Guitar review in Singapore

  1. Hey Jarvis, I've listened to a few other videos of the Martin D10E, but that guitar sounds much better on yours.
    For a small guitar, it sounds outstanding! Martin builds most of their guitars with a little magic and from your video,
    they sure didn't leave the magic out of that one. You do some fine videos buddy! Your love of music and guitar
    shines it all of them. Thanks!

  2. It sounds fantastic, even an entry level Martin sounds very different to the usual guitars of that range, nice playing by the way!

  3. Very nice job Jarvis
    I've had one of these since 2/19 and really like it.
    Hard to beat (in my opinion) for the price
    and comes with a very nice bag.
    Hope you move a lot of them

  4. Well done Jarvis!
    You play with such passion and love, that shines through.
    So enjoyable to watch and be inspired by you.
    Wishing you and your family love and happiness.

  5. Love listening to you play & explaining the features of all the guitars. You always do a good job Jarvis. Thank you for your time & talent.

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