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NEW Minecraft 1.14 Build HACKS & Tips!

► Exclusive Minecraft Maps:

Today We Explore Some of My Best Minecraft 1.14 Build Hacks & Tips!

The New Village And Pillage Update – Minecraft 1.14 Features A Tone of New & Interesting Blocks To Build & Get Creative With!

– Composter – Lectern – Bamboo – Blast Furnace – Scaffolding – Campfires – Fletching Table –
– Stonecutter – Grindstone

And Many More!

Hope You Guys Enjoy This Quick Adventure Into 1.14 Minecraft!


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43 thoughts on “NEW Minecraft 1.14 Build HACKS & Tips!

  1. Absolutely Love this NEW Update! Hope you guys enjoyed this video & got some ideas! <3 =] Sorry if you already knew some of these, tried my best to find some unique ones!

  2. 5:23 what if minecraft added a feature that if yu right click with glass pane on your hand it puts the glass by the frame like a glass box .^.

  3. Joga no império kkkkkkkk vc tenque botar no Google tradutor kkkkkkkkkk trolei vc quer saber o que eu tô falando gringo bota no Google tradutor kkkkkkk tenta entrar no servidor de império

  4. You can also make a new addition to your torture chaimber by putting one slab against each side of a stonecutter.

    (Edit) the idea is good but it doesn’t look good

  5. Just looked up “Who’s the best builder in Minecraft?” The first thing that popped up was Jeracraft.

  6. Hey guys .. I can't seem to rebuild this decent streetlamp. I used hoppers, lanterns and trapdoors but my lamps wont attach to the hopper. There is no way I can fit it to the underside, also if I hold ctrl. I also tried using another block, hang the lamp, replace said block with a hopper but removing the block above a lantern will drop it. Anyone here who can help?

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