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NINJA BLADE All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS

NINJA BLADE All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS

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This one is was a bit weird to edit. Half the game is Quick Time Events, so it’s super cinematic, but there’s not much substance there, so in the second half we started cutting more and more of those QTE’s and just laser focusing on the pure story aspects. Not a great game, but not a horrible one either. Lets us know what you think!

In 2011, the inhabitants of a small village are infected by an unknown hookworm parasite, classified as “Alpha-worm”, which deforms its hosts’ bodies and minds while increasing their strength and resilience. To prevent an outbreak, the military raid the research facility and exterminate the infected, while the incident is covered up by the government. Military intelligence forms a containment task force called GUIDE (Global United Infestation Detection and Elimination), recruiting operatives from around the world.

Four years later, a GUIDE ninja team, including the young Ken Ogawa and led by his father Kanbe, is dispatched to Tokyo to contain a massive Alpha-worm outbreak. Following Kanbe’s trail, Ken chases and defeats an Arachne creature, however Kanbe and fellow team member Kuroh, having been infected by King Worms, slaughter the entire unit. Kanbe runs Ken through with the clan’s ‘Ninja Blade’, narrowly missing his heart — something a master swordsman could only do on purpose. After a quick recovery, Ken is dispatched solo back to the city……



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50 thoughts on “NINJA BLADE All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS

  1. can you play that game without receive any damage like @shadowserg? because I think your skill to play this game, for me, it's not entertaining. Perhaps you can play it without damage, I'll appreciate it.

  2. This game is so underrated🗿but there is few problem for this game because of the lag,worst with the voice and sometime i cannot hear the back ground noice properly and lazy voice actor🤨

  3. Fromsoftware needs to go back to the drawing board and give us a proper SEQUEL to this awesome game. It was so underrated.

  4. The guy in the second cutscenes is actually Sasuke in Naruto if u don't know who I'm talking about it's the guy who said I'll see u kids on the ground

  5. This is always the best Game Cutscene channel, very cinematic, very enjoyable to watch…thanks man, appreciate !!!

  6. This ninja said I'm gonna be cooler than everyone!!!!!! I'm gonna favor Ryu Hayabusa, but I can't be named Ryu so I'll take Ken since he's a friend of Ryu from street fighter. My story is gonna be epic too!! I'm gonna get betrayed and kill the one person with character (the black guy). Then I'm gonna have a little bit of resident evil also cuz of ZOMBIES!!!!! I'm awesome!!!! (He's really not. He just should've stayed dead in the 1st chapter lmao!!!!)

  7. I always thought of this as a Ninja Gaiden ripoff. It was very button timed heavy with a goofy story but still a decent gem

  8. I'm not too fond of the voice of Ben Tennyson doing anime dubs of games or tv shows.

    Not a fan honestly, he's voice is just ingrained in me mind as a cartoon character and it just doesn't work for me lmao.

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