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Olight Seeker 2 & M1T Raider Review: Flash Sale & Youtube Controversy

A detailed review and Sale for 2 awesome EDC flashlights, and my take on what is going on in the Youtube Gun World.
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45 thoughts on “Olight Seeker 2 & M1T Raider Review: Flash Sale & Youtube Controversy

  1. I gotta move. When he asked why doesn't everybody own a suppressor I couldn't help but hate my state. Really the only area of Illinois that is democrat controlled is the freaking city. Unfortunately it runs the state.

  2. I started with an olight s20r which is a great reliable light. Then I got a m2r warrior it’s a good light but it won’t go into turbo mode contacted them several times about it with no fix. Bought a s2r baton when they first came out the light is awesome turbo is just as bright as my m2r but after several months it won’t charge via the tail cap. I contacted them several times they sent a new charger, and battery but it still wouldn’t charge via the magnetic tail cap. I then sent it in to them they sent back a refurbished unit with another new charger that still will not charge via the magnetic tail cap. After getting it back I emailed them back again with no reply. I think their products are nice and innovating but not reliable anymore.

  3. Another great vid. Just a general question, Do you have a training for “in-house’ defense + alternative weak hand/arm shooting I.e always a good practice in case you get injured etc cheers from Australia

  4. Torture test don't really seem to be your thing but I beg you to do a torture test of surefire vs streamlight vs olight. Nobody has done one you'd be the first channel to do this the video would be a great hit!

  5. Your like a friend that lets you shoot his new guns to check it out and see if you want one. Much respect. Thanks for calling those bitches out too…..people need to know.

  6. Holy shit …. 20.000 really , I have heard they take money to do reviews . I guess, you are correct though they should say they are being paid by that company. To each there own , if they can sleep at night more power to them .I will say this publicity to you thank you for your honesty…. and sharing what is going on with them , meaning Iraq 8888 . I have bought something in the pass they were promoting and it was not up to par at all . In fact it sits in my draw because there is just so much better stuff out there . Such is life , really what a shame they seem like nice guys . You never no in life I guess. Honestly is the best policy though… thank again

  7. Admittedly, I’m happy with my current lights and have no plans to switch from my (insert overpriced brand here), but I did watch to get to the rebuttal to all the YouTube drama. I take someone at their word until I have reason not to, and thanks for reassuring me, and possibly other viewers, about how your channel is funded. Will definitely keep watching.

  8. Would love to hear about the fallout with Yeager or did you just buy some shit he said to buy that turned out to be shit! Love your videos and I'm a patreon! Hopefully me buying the light off your link helped a little also!

  9. It’s sad that a Chinese company like Olight is leading the way in quality, price, and marketing….they even send you a card thanking you for buying their product. Take notes US companies…. get it together or they will leave us far behind.

  10. I emailed Olight a while back and it took a month to get a response. After looking at their website I determined they’re a foreign company. I’ll stick to my Streamlights….

  11. You're honorable Sir! Down to earth HONEST reviews, and I like your mindset of morals over money! Subscribed to your channel based on that. Thank you!

  12. I like olight. I have several. I once received a dead on arrival pl2 mini. Sent a email and had a new one within 2 days. The replacement came with a return shipping label to return the broken one but I probably could have kept it.

  13. I bought a PL mini for my Glock 19 a year ago. Now I have another one on my CZ.
    Now I have PL mini 2 for my P30sk. I'm going broke on carry holsters. These little lights are great and I have tried most brands for my pistols. So far these are by FAR my faves.

  14. Olight has absolutely nothing to do with this supposed controversy, they are a company that purchased advertising plain and simple. There is also zero written proof that the advertising they did purchase could only be positive. The actual "controversy" is between two other morons who are are both apparently so business savvy that they keep no written records of business contracts or financial records and statements. This is just a lot of intert drama pushed by the biggest moron in the YouTube gun business The Yankee Marshall.

  15. Listen this is a tuff spot because if your like Eric and Chad from IV8888 then you have literally worked for years to establish yourself as one of the most respected firearms content producers that currently exist. So with that said we would take no exception to any other buisness after several years of hard work finally collecting some much deserved pay days so why is it unacceptable for them to do the same. And to be fair if you take testing and evaluation or reviews from Guntube channels and use them as your only source for deciding what to purchase then your making a huge mistake. I respect the opinions of most of the guys producing content on this platform but at the same time I can and will be the ultimate factor in deciding what I'm going to purchase. The guys over at IV8888 have like 2 million plus subscribers that they worked pretty hard to obtain and personally if I'm going to advertise your product to my 2+ million subscriber base then it's not going to be for free. I mean all of the companies that produce firearms, ammunition, accessories, and give training all do it for a price and in fact many of them will do almost nothing for free. The point here is that I'm ok with a home grown big ass YouTube channel getting paid here and there because everybody else gets paid and let's face it none of us work for free either. I think you have to put some of this into perspective and while many other channels say they don't take firearms industry money it's really no different when your ammunition is sent for free, half or more of the firearms you review are sent for free, all of your accessories are sent for free, your SOT gets sponsored by another major manufacturer and so on and so on. Let's be real about this almost all of the big channels are sponsored and almost everything that you see on their channel is sent at no cost. Some of the channels are sponsored by Federal, Fiocchi,, Ventura munitions and then the dozens of other companies that send out their firearms and accessories for review at no cost!!

  16. As a viewer of your channel, I have no problem with you getting a kickback from the products you promote… just keep it honest … now I’m going to go use your affiliate link to buy yet another Olight… telling my wife it’s not another light but doing it in support of one of my favorite gun channels… that should work? Right? RIGHT??? lol

  17. I appreciate the reviews you do no nonsense you tell it like it is good or bad. I’m right there with you Olight makes fantastic products I own 11 of them and probably 12 before the flash sale is over.

  18. Good review! As painful as some could be, I watch all adds fully through so you can get the most $$ from YT. 👍Drop It Like It's Scott

  19. Great Review – I especially like you going over the options and the reference to Sage Dynamics. And STOP speaking death over your memory!

  20. Getting paid to do what you love or charging for services is one thing that all of us are fine with if they were to be in that position.

    Making a business deal with someone that’s looking out for you and not paying them for services given even if you have a fall out is the real issue. Don’t be a dick and pay up.

    Also speaking from a very similar experience myself. I didn’t get paid for services. Didn’t talk any shit, just left them with something to think about. I didn’t need to do it, did it to help out what I thought was at least a good acquaintance. They then came back and paid me my worth BUT I’ll never do it again.

    I unsubscribed from iv8888 a while back. Their content is sub par to others nowadays and I was never really convinced by their opinion in the first place.

  21. I have the pl mini Valkyrie and the s2r baton 2. I got them to see if I’d actually ever use a light. Never had an issue with them and they are part of my current edc

    I’ve jumped into other wml but no other edc carry lights like the baton

  22. Here's a brief overview of the O-Light scandal from my previous post:

    O-light paid Iraqveteran8888 a minimum of $7000 per video for a favorable review. They [Eric & Brandy] required a minimum of six videos to the tune of approximately $42k.

    Then those two had the audacity to refuse payment to Sam over at Forged From Freedom for a large sum of money that they owed him. Sam helped them out with man cans and other industry contacts. Plus he also helped setup their website which they secretly locked him out of one night.

    Those two thieves over at IV8888 owed Sam somewhere around $76,000+ and refused to pay him. So he kept politely asking thinking they were friends. Then Brandy threatened Sam with her lawyer which came completely out of nowhere.

    Basically, Eric and his wife Brandy are complete scum. If you still watch or support them in any way then you too are part of the problem – not the solution. They sold out their morals to the highest bidder. They have zero ethics and don’t really care about anyone but themselves.

    I called them out and asked about it several times. Their response was to block/ban me from all of their media outlets. They’re currently silencing anyone who has something to say about it.

    Ironic that a freedom touting channel would censor so many people. They’re running damage control at an accelerated rate which naturally means that they are in the wrong – and they know it too!

    My attorneys have looked into the situation and if someone decides to sue them, then they will definitely lose. This loss in court will essentially sink the business and destroy the IV8888 brand name. They also haven’t been properly paying their taxes so the IRS will be investigating too.

    Congrats to all those patreon supports who have been filling their pockets with free money. You have been scammed. Here’s the biggest shocker of all. They don’t need your help. They currently make over $400k a year!

    Stay classy my friends.

    EDITED for double spacing.

  23. I love everything about Olight except for the fact they are made in china! They're a great company who really cares about their customer base! What other flashlight company supports our industry like Olight does?

  24. I have a dozen Olights. I had an issue with one (a Copper model) and I contacted Olight. They sent me a new light! I buy Olights for friends and family, and they’re always impressed.

  25. I have several olights and i love them. That said, I've emailed the company and never got a response. I called the phone number and it's disconnected.

  26. Thanks for the honesty! You have one of my favorite gun and gear channels. Thanks for staying positive. Thanks again for the content!

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