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OnePlus 7 Pro – A True User Review After 70 Days!

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been with us for 70 days straight for a long term review test. During that time the 7 Pro has seen plenty of updates that improved everything from battery life to camera performance and more. But did those changes make it one of the best smartphones of 2019, maybe beating the upcoming Note 10 or are there still problems which could prevent that?

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44 thoughts on “OnePlus 7 Pro – A True User Review After 70 Days!

  1. 😱🚵‍♀️🤪🚵‍♂️😁🚵‍♀️😀🚵‍♂️😛🚵‍♀️😎🚵‍♂️😱🚵‍♀️🤪🚵‍♂️😁🚵‍♀️😀🚵‍♂️😛🚵‍♀️😎🚵‍♂️

    Why would you set the phone to 60 hz?
    GPS for all day bike rides and muti-day hikes

  2. Apart from the missing headphone jack and the lack of expandable storage this looks like the best phone u could buy for the money… think ill wait for fhe 7t pro and get it if its the same price as the normal 7 pro

  3. The screen is the best and the worst feature. Not having a notch or cutout was the selling point for me. The speakers are pretty good for a cell phone, but nothing special. The lack of headphone jack is sometimes annoying but not as big a deal as I expected.

  4. Dude this guys are so picky when it comes to the pictures. As a casual photographer, it's so hard picking out my phone because most cameras on phones are great.

  5. Had the S10 before. Never going back! The quality (Hardware, software) on this phone is top like the top manufacturers. But they should make more advertising

  6. I just got the LG G8 a few days ago and already exchanging it for the One Plus 7 Pro after watching a lot of reviews for it and seeing specs/price. Only issue for me is it doesn't have expandable storage but everything else is perfect. Great review as you seem to be coming from a neutral standpoint unlike other video reviews for the 7 Pro.

  7. I use the Huawei Mate 20 Pro at the moment and the photos taken with my phone are almost like a real SLR camera. The detail in the photos is amazing. Partly why i bought the phone! But now it's time to change phones and i really don't know which one to get. I do play a bit so the ROG 2 is in the run but none of the carriers here have it yet! The note 10 plus would be nice too but it's way too pricey when compared to other makes like Asus, Huawei and so on..

  8. The best phone I've ever owned. But I'm not really a tech guy so I'm not familiar with all the tech talk. But how do I obtain these software updates that you speak of? Are they automatically sent to you? I've had my phone for two weeks now.

  9. 3:28 … you can reach the corners with a popsocket … also you can use the popsocket in the car, laying in the bed so the smartphone doesn't hit your face … and more.

  10. Read this!!!!

    Things that I like about this phone, You can hide apps, you can put a lock on Apps, you can Hide Photos, you can put the photos and video on LOCK BOX (feature on the phone) You can customize icons without downloading a theme. Camera is at par with Samsung Galaxy Flagship. Night Mode is perfect now. Dual Speaker is perfectly loud without sacrificing the quality of the audio. Interface is user friendly. All the things that I need on a phone is here. Trust me, coming from Samsung S9+ and OPPO FIND X, I do not regret buying this phone. ♥️

    I've been using this phone for a week, what I do not like is no Always On Display. I want that permanent thing on my screen. Thats it.

  11. Does anyone else suffer with dirt getting into the front facing camera? I'm stuck between this and the S10 Plus… I'm not bothered by wireless charging or lack of headphone jack or anything else really… I worry about dirt getting into the phone via the front camera in my pocket… What does everyone else think between this and S10 Plus?

  12. Wireless charging is just marketing. It takes hours and hours to charge one charge. That is total non sense. Everybody wants everything in a hurry. Wireless charging is the opposite.

  13. I'm sitting here with Pixel 3 xl and pictures on 7pro are really nothing like from pixel. Notch is not a thing when you use phone that is so so good.

  14. silky smooth 90hz screen, lightning fast finger scanner and no notch/cam (100% screen) are all the pro points. Another one would be a nice snapdragon proc, very fast phone to run things, one the fastest running on beautiful android mod.

    The negative? everything else. Too big to fit anywhere, no phone jack (yeah people like me use hifi iem), camera is somehow "okay", the bezel screw over the nicest screen of all smartphone combined, no sd slot (people like me have multiple sd cards too.. movies, entire music collection). No wireless charging is meh.

    Would i buy? From an subjective perspective, no.. same reason i won't buy a Note.. it doesn't fit in my hand and can barely fit in my jeans while trying to sit down. That would be my number one complain.

  15. Picture quality is so subjective. Who's eye is ISO calibrated. If it looks good to you then so be it. I can barely tell difference and usually only when it's a contrast issue. Also most review pictures are taken "in the wild" with a gang phone holder. This gives each a slightly different angle thus affecting the light gathering ability of the cameras. A more scientific approach might be to 'also' include (for example) 5 pictures of the "same scene" with the "same" camera (there will be differences*) vs. five different scene/pictures. *Differences will be comparable to the subtlety of showing different phone cameras.

  16. Was using an s10+ ceramic version and the fingerprint scanner was Enough to drive me nuts and hence the 7 pro happy with it so far…..

  17. I´m a proud owner of an op7pro since one month now and never have had anything better. The size is fine and I don´tthing that it is too large. OK I´m just a large person too but even smaller friends of mine don´t have any problems. I´m freaking out every single time anyone says that they won´t recommend the phone just because of its camera. IT IS NOT THE LEADING PART IN PHONES. Sure some are made just for there excelent camera, but you don´t always need to be the best in all categories. I just have a very good DSLR and know how to shot pictures but also can go with them of my phone. The power of the beast is just anwesome, just like the software. And who needs wireless charging? It is demonstrated that it destroys your battery pack by the time and is not as fast as wired charging at all. Thank you for reading this and comment if you´re not having the same opinion as me.

  18. I have one question, does oneplus 7 pro come with warp charging in the box or do u need to buy the warp charging in store? Like do u get the warp charging cable and brick with the phone or no?

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