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Our New FAVE Travel and Adventure Camera – Comparison & Review

Nikki’s on the hunt for the best pocket sized travel adventure camera. Her favorite has been the sony rx100v but the new rx0ii comes loaded in a tiny package. We put it through a series of tests and figured we should share our thoughts with anyone else on the hunt for a good compact travel camera.

MORE DEETS and IMAGES on our BLOG post:


Join us in French Polynesia as we compare the Sony rx100v vs the Sony rx0ii.

If you want to see how the little RX0ii compares to the GoPro Hero 7 underwater let us know in the comments. If we get enough requests we’ll put on the swimsuits and hit the water!

*I gotta tell you this video is not sponsored. We bought the rx100v a couple years ago (just like anyone else) and it’s a great pocket-size point and shoot camera. Sony loaned us the rx0ii to test. We are not required to make any videos, we’re simply sharing our personal review. Hope you find our travel comparison helpful, if so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.*

Shared with LOVE 💕 from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa 😻


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20 thoughts on “Our New FAVE Travel and Adventure Camera – Comparison & Review

  1. Can't wait for your underwater review…….. When is it coming, you both in the perfect environment for that test too….. Envy Envy Envious!!!!!!

  2. Just walk ten feet away from him and you will have a slew of guys wanting to buy you a drink.  He will never leave his wallet again.. . LOL

  3. Tho I venture to guess Jason prefers Sony cameras, and the sensor is not as big on the Oly, even the newer and little changed TG-6 continues to get high marks all around for a dedicated waterproof camera with a zoom, and strong capabilities. Price is nice too.
    I'm guessing it would leave Jason unimpressed, but if it's video qual is good enough, I think Nikki would love a cool little red waterproof camera.
    I am also finding that my iPhone XR is finally just 'good enough' that I might dump my Pany 4/3rds set for vacations.
    Screw on a lens (there's many sorts available new with good cover integration) and the results are looking really great now.
    Include anamorphic choices for Jason to play with here and there and he'd have some new fun.
    Meanwhile, I think you're still running into the prob I constantly bump up against – No small cameras ever check off all the important boxes if waterproof and an external mic are two of the check boxes. Boo.
    Love this tho – thanx you two <3

  4. RX100 much, much better creatively, but the RX0 will be more usable and you just can't beat fast, easy, tiny and most of all rugged. Would like to see how the new Gopro performs against the RXO. Great vlog as always.. 🙂

  5. Hey!! We loved the review and you guys have definitely sold us on the new Sony! We would love to know what accessories we HAVE to get with it and which ones you would recommend. thanks 🙂

  6. Love the end where Jason forgets his wallet. As I tell my wife, money goes in one pocket and comes out the other. Just like in a marriage.

  7. I'm a big fan of the RX100V5. Even after running over it with my car, it still took photos. The rear screen was beyond repair, the viewfinder would not pop up, but it worked, which says something about its build quality. Sadly, after sending it in for a repair estimate, when I got it back, it the lens would not extend. Makes me wish I had never sent it in for the estimate.

  8. The RX100 produces a better end result, that alone would make it my go to camera not to mention the greater versatility it’s a no brainier.

  9. At 4:51 and a couple of other places the rxo definitely lost out with the sun flare and bleaching. Hopefully, that will be fixed with an auto focus update. An external mic, water proof and rugged are all features I’m looking for in a camera, so the rx100 is out for me. If they fix the auto focus issue I’ll be looking to pick up the rxo.

    Thanks for the review/comparison. Quality content as always.


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