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This is a Lens Review of the Panasonic 70-200 f4 which is priced just under $1,700. How does this lens handle in a Real World situation? I took it out to the horse stables to run it through its paces. Be sure to click the link to download Sample RAW files over on the site.

Panasonic S1 Real World Review

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33 thoughts on “Panasonic 70-200mm f4 Lens Review | Is it WORTH IT?

  1. Hi, your two reviews that I watched both portray the Lumix lenses as the only possible choices for the Lumix S series, but as of Aug 24, 2019 the sigma MC-21 converter was/is available and shipping from your sponsor (Adorama), and Sigma guarantees that its 70-200mm f2.8 will work with the mc-21 adapter. Would you have been tempted to do a comparison of the two lenses if you had thought of it? I bought the adapter to use another sigma lens to shoot concert videos …

  2. Jared, my understanding is that the Panasonic "PRO" lenses are their, "Leica Certified" lenses. Better glass and design in the Leica tradition.

  3. high iso plus great ibis is the 2.8 fetish really a thing still? I mean I get the depth of field argument, but on a zoom compression helps quite a bit. I'm more interested in build quality and image quality…contrast, sharpness at various focal lengths, flare, is the lens weather sealed? Really loving what I'm seeing in the S1 line and hope you continue to do reviews on it…looks like a phenomenal camera. I have a ton of great manual focus glass how about doing a review on how those might work with adapters?

  4. I have some fantastic images taken with the m43 100-400mm and thats f4 at 100mm and its m43 f4 so I think this 35mm lens should be more than capable and worthy of the pro badge 😉

  5. '
    coool nice camera and len…
    but still problem with blur blur focus and blur blur depth of field…
    also sometime contrast brightness control

  6. sir I have a dream and that's photography..but i have no ability to buy a camera..can you help me sir..please sir,try to fulfill my dream..please sir..I am waiting for your reply

  7. Lots of pros use 70-200mm F/4 lenses, especially landscape photographers who rarely shoot at F/2.8 and don't want the extra weight. Canon's 70-200mm F/4L version is virtually as sharp as the F/2.8 at 60%.of the price. See: Thomas Heaton. P.S. That training area for the horse is called a paddock. New York City boy here, BTW.

  8. Please do a video of critiquing photos of photographers that are youtubers (from Instagram probbably?) . That would be so interesting!

  9. Why do you think that a faster aperture automatically means better sharpness and faster focusing???
    An f4 lens CAN be those things, just typically DSLR brands make their f4 the affordable option (and cut corners) making it slower to focus, less sharp and generally not weather sealed.

    That’s not the case with this lens, it’s bloody sharp, solid and weather sealed. But yeah you pay for it. By the way Lumix roadmap shows they’re also making a f2.8 version this year

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