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We review the Panasonic GX800 4K LED LCD TV which supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ dynamic metadata formats, as well as Dolby Atmos decoding.

Our GX800B review sample is the 50-inch Panasonic TX-50GX800B which is the 3-pin-plug UK version.

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34 thoughts on “Panasonic GX800 4K LED LCD TV Review

  1. I just got Amazon Prime and my first order was this tv. It was supposed to be delivered today but it didn't turn up. They said there was a 'delay in the dispatch process'. So annoying to pay extra for Prime and they can't even deliver on time.

  2. Can you set/change the WIFI DNS settings on the TV ? This is on sale ATM for (in £) £513 here in Denmark, good price/buy? It's the panasonic tx-50gx830e .. Thanks for all the great reviews.

  3. I love Panasonic products and their integrity but it looks like they're slowly giving up on TVs. Half of the line up is now Vestel in the UK and this is really a 700 series from a few years back (no bad thing) but they're pricing and promoting it as higher than that. The TV market is all screwed up this year.

  4. Thanks Vincent, this led might of suited my needs if i did not have very large south facing french doors in my room.

  5. Samsung q70r is better than gx800? Gx800 is better than hx620 65“(va).

    Price in poland:
    65fx620 3500zł (830$)
    58gx800 3800zł (905$)
    55q70 4300zł (1025$)
    Which is better value for money?

  6. Which is better tv for me, choosing between Samsung Q70 or this, in 49/50 inch size. Will be using for Netflix / PS4 mainly in a dimly lit room. Struggling to choose because I’m not sure of the benefit of Dolby Vision over the Samsung’s backlight and local dimming.

  7. хороший телевизор, но почему под портом hdmi 2.1 не может сделать 4K 120Hz HDR game mod а не 60 ..

  8. Hi Vincent, can you tell me which OLED TV has the best upscaling for low bit broadcast? Seems they all have a great picture, however, the day to day use comes down to how they manage low bit broadcasts.

  9. what are the viewing angles on this one like? I have sony bravia entry level kd w series with a va panel and the viewing angles are not bothering me so if this one is at the same level then it would be ok

  10. GX800 – NOT used so-processor GCEX2 and MEMC chip 120hz Mstar MST7411, just only use Mediatek MT5813. I have service manual.

  11. Vicent, do you have a twin brother?

    See for yourself
    Of course, you are nicer 🙂

  12. Thank you for your interesting videos. Can you help me please ? What’s the best oled tv beetwin lg 65c8 and pana 65fz950 ? 🙏

  13. Vincent, I guess you are following the news about big phone brands getting into TV business in big Asian markets like Oneplus TV(QLED+Vision+Atmos) releasing on 26th Sep and Motorola releasing their 4k TVs of various sizes with Dolby Vision and integrated Soundbar. Will you be getting it for a review like how you do TCL models? We know they are not OLEDs but still would like you to review it for all who like your work.

  14. Hey Vincent. Thank you so much for your reviews. I am a viewer of your videos since a couple of weeks and I really enjoy your professional and funny style! I'm wondering if you will do a review on the TV from One+ which will launched in India this month. I'm waiting for a TV which has both QLED and Dolby Vision. So the upcoming TVs from One+ and also TCL are of great interest for me.

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