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We attended a briefing for the Panasonic GX800 4K LED LCD TV at Dolby’s London Soho premise, where the Japanese manufacturer demonstrated the superiority of Dolby Vision dynamic metadata vs HDR10 static metadata.

We also visited a Dolby grading suite to look at the Dolby Vision grading workflow using a 4000-nit Dolby Pulsar monitor, as well as a Dolby PRM Grade 1 reference monitor for SDR trim pass.

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45 thoughts on “Panasonic GX800 Dolby Vision vs HDR10. Also, 4000-nit Dolby Pulsar!!!

  1. Very happy with my two main Panasonics, I tried an 'Award Winning' Samsung a few years back – as a photographer I have a good idea of colours – it went back as it gave everyone a suntan ! Now looking at a new GX800 and the samsungs on display always look great – just WRONG ! Another Pana me thinks…

  2. Hi Vincent. I wonder why you are always in the dark during this video (cave, studio) To avoid reflection ? Yes. But the reflection of THESE panels because they are real mirors (we noticed it during CES).
    I like Panasonic products, but tell us the truth ! Be impartial !

  3. I can see the richness difference but no brifhtness actually the hdr 10 looks brighter but I'm sure its just because of how it's being shown on YouTube because eive seen many TVs look not as bright but in real life actually are brighter

  4. He's been with these GX800 sets twice and still not reviewed them. They are obviously crap sets and Panasonic has asked him not to review them as not to hurt sales.

  5. Im about to buy one of these 50" GX800's for £710. You think its worth it Mr Teoh? =) Was a toss up between a brand new a 55" Toshiba OLED for £799 or this GX800 50" for £710. I like the picture quality of OLED but i don't like the idea of burn in and losing all my money.

  6. Still no review and calibration settings for the Panasonic TX GX800 series? I'm guessing Panasonic doesn't want you to review them as it would reveal the TV's shortcomings and sales don't seem to be good right now.

  7. If only 12bit panels existed in the consumer market. Until then I find it difficult to get over excited about this.

  8. Ok dolbi has real good stuff, but it is still a dead end to use proprietary stuff for future video. We need more open-source and freedom not more restrictions.

  9. Thank you for your reviews. I'm waiting for the Panasonic GX800 series review to know lag time and refresh rate because I'm thinking about buying it to play games in my Xbox One X. Thanks

  10. Hi vincent
    I have a question it’s not about this video, my question is when stacked 2 movie projectors together what is happening more brightness or more lumens output?

  11. That is actually the most convincing example of the advantages of dynamic metadata compared to static metadata I have seen so far. Have you upgraded your camera because the difference between the screens is clearly visible even on my non HDR capable iPad Pro.

  12. Great video showing the visual benefit of DV and dynamic metadata plus higher nits TVs.

    I can't find the user manual of the GX800 or GX900 anywhere, can anyone tell me if these Panasonic TVs support 120 hz input from a PC at either 1080p or 1440p resolution? I'm trying to find a 40 inch PC monitor replacement that doesn't force me to stick to 60 hz, as 120 hz native input is usually found only in higher end 55 inch or larger screen sizes. Thanks!

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