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  1. Thanks for making this video, I've had this camera since the beginning of this year and have never put it on auto, it never even occurred to me to try it but now I will.

  2. Lovely. I prefer my gx85 over others for traipsing about with either the 15 or the surprisingly sharp 12-32. I have 2 batteries but don’t recall the last time I had to swap on the street. I do like the little extra grip which works for the gx9 and the gx85.

  3. Thanks for your review of Auto+ mode on the GX9. I've recently bought this camera and have been struggling a little. Very useful!

  4. I shoot raw except for obligatory situations when I am shooting images as a favor for a friend, but when you think of it, intelligent auto plus (or not plus) may give the photographer the best opportunity to concentrate solely on the “moment” as you described.

  5. Wise as always.
    I dare to say that l am almost as experienced as you, since I started with an Olympus OM-1n in the late 70s and never stopped taking photos.
    After an entertaining trip with 3 Pentax DSLRS(since 2008), I got my GX9 today. Your videos convinced me and my finger arthritis also helped.
    I went out today for a first test with the kit 12-32mm and later at night, with a focal reducer and my FD 55 f/1.2. Oh boy…
    Thank you for all the knowledge and experience that helped me decide and not waste more money.

  6. One of the most renowned Japanese photographers, Moriyama Daido did most of his shooting with a point-n-shoot and has never bothered with manual camera settings, far from an idiot his body of work is amazing.

  7. Help!4kvideoFanBoyhere! Help! I have an EM1M2, also recently a EPL-9 which I am now trying to sell. The 4K video is really great but, the build quality makes me nervous that this could break.
    Eventually I plan to buy a GH5 next year when prices are around 600 on ebay. I am looking for an interum camera in the mean time for 4k. The E-M10M3 is a no because of the plastics used.

    So I am considering the GX9 as a smaller second camera. The 4k crop isnt a problem but the lack of 48/1 shutter speed is annoying. A nice evf would be nice, a G9 is too big and expensive.
    The GX8 looks good but lacks sensor IS in 4k…The new EM5 mk3 will probably cost more than my EM1M2 is now worth…therefore not an option. Should I get a GX9 or is there some other option, the G80, 90 looks a bit plasticy..
    Or just stick with EM1M2?????

  8. 4 very angry members of the equivalence brigade down voted this video.

    Seriously, the GX9 is a lovely camera, capable of excellent results. I use a (older) GX85 and it performs very well indeed. I use full-frame and APS-C as well, and when used appropriately and within its limits – as goes for any camera – the results are indistinguishable.

    And I couldn't care less about the sensor size.

  9. Thank you for the real world thoughts on using this camera. I have been using its baby brother the Lx100 for a few years and have been very happy with the results. The improvements that the GX9 has over that seem to be the next logical step.
    I used to use a pro videocam which has now been put out to pasture, one of its downsides was its size which did make you stand out in a crowd. I love being able to capture shots/ video on the sly where a natural expression makes for a great picture.

  10. I have the even smaller GX850 which takes great pictures in auto but has no stabilization, though it is perhaps less of a problem with the several stabilized lenses available, including the kitlens of 12-32mm. Is there any other difference apart from the EVF? Should I upgrade?

  11. Great video Terry!
    I sometimes need to hand my Panasonic camera over to other people to take a quick picture or video and the iA+ mode is awesome. If the composition is pretty static then the focus and exposure is pretty good each time. I’ve even used it when I’m shooting video and need to grab a quick picture. Keep the videos coming 👍

  12. Good point Terry. I have an old G2 and iAuto+ was easy and useful even then. Panasonic had a button that could take you into that mode regardless of whatever mode you were on so it was good for quick reaction. You won't see LCD tearing (which the G2 also exhibits) unless you use the camera in dim light like a stage performance and sweep the camera around the lit and unlit areas. By the way, a bunch of us from AASPI are exhibiting at the Victorian Artists Society for a couple of weeks. Hope you come browse, we would appreciate your august presence 🙂

  13. another original review from you, explaining what the camera does more then the usual stuff every camera is supposed to do, and what reviewer usually scorn and something not worth delving in. I have this camera and what I find more often doing with that is playing with monocrhrome D, vivid, and other in camera setting. in the meantime I also got an Olympus Pen F and there too I find the way it's meant to be used is as a playful image device which allows you to mess up the image changing colours, grain, intensity and a whole bunch of setting that really set it apart from any other options on the market. I even found settings to emulate Kodak and Fujifilm film effect that really can give a breeze of fresh air in the way we look at photography. I think this is the way these cameras are meant to be used and that where they are superior instruments to the usual Full Frame models. Unfortunately there is this weird taboo among photographers over anything outside the ASM settings, as not worth for real "PROs"

  14. Switched from D5300/5500 combo to this 5 weeks ago. What a shock. GX9 is incredible. Battery, I got 2 spares and USB charger for 20ukp… EVF coming from Nikon OVF is superb, paid 16ukp for the official eyepiece enlarger…. Stabilisation is a game changer. Rekindled my love of photography… Nice review, thanks.

  15. One day at the local shop I watched an old lady asking the salesperson why her very expensive Canon DSLR took such awful pictures. It of course was set to (green square) auto. The man behind the counter did his best to explain how shooting in a dark room with pop up flash results in the subject nearest the camera being brightly lit compared to the background. None of that mattered she wanted her money back.

    I carry the tiny GM5 with the 14mm f/2.5 in my backpack set to iA for quick point and shoot. It is quite remarkable. I thought it would be fun to start a gallery of “your best shots in iA”.

  16. I bought this camera 2 weeks ago and have 2 weeks more to decide whether to keep it. I got the Leica Lumix 15mm and an Olympus pancake zoom. For me the only negative is the small and slightly blurry-around-the-edges viewfinder and if I can reconcile that I will have my decision. I was out shooting with it yesterday and had a good time with it. I realized afterwards how hard those shots would have been with my Fuji x100t since it has no tilt screen or touch focus. Because of that and the encouragement of some good reviews like yours, I am leaning towards keeping it. It does have a great feel. Now maybe I can sell a couple cameras and simplify my life.

  17. Your thoughts are so refreshing Terry and your style of presenting them a pleasure to watch. YT is full of "sudo-reviewers" who seem to recycle the same points with a 100 word vocabulary.

    Sometimes you just can't beat life experience and humour.

  18. You can't teach an old dog new tricks just because he's already "there" before you have hardly noticed it… And they do so because they know one huge trick they' ve learned with the years. Being non biased and squeezing anything till last drop so to get the job done.

  19. If I have time I always shoot manual exposure, though iA is perfect when grabbing the shot takes priority. The algorithms are so much smarter than they were even a few years ago.

  20. Terry, I always enjoy your no nonsense videos. I currently own the olympus omd em1 mk2 and would love to hear your thoughts on the em1x. I hope that might be on the horizon for your videos. I always respect your opinions. Keep up the great work.

  21. Hi Terry! A great review of the GX9! as you have stated not a technical review! but the GX9 is a great camera! Just like Ralph Striewski the gentleman below has stated! I too have been using the Pana GX9 myself now for a little over two years and I haven't even used intelligent auto + either? For street photography! for street work I usually use P mode! much more then I even use aperture priority! But I must try intelligent auto Terry! Thanks for the tip! how it will differ from P mode I don't know? but I will certainly try it out Terry!

  22. Thank you, Terry! I am not buying any camera soon, but I always watch your videos because of your nice voice and your well thought of and clear explanations. You have something simple but right of the old days, I think it's called good old wisdom. You make me think of an uncle of mine whom I appreciated a lot and who was also into photography. I greatly appreciate your content! Thanks! (I am a professional fullframe nikon photographer but I like to satisfy my gear acquisition syndrome by watching videos, that's a lot less expensive than buying gear). I think any gear up from microfourthirds is great for photography, mirrorless is still the future. There are no bad cameras anymore. I understand the advantages of microfourthirds. It's a personal choice though. Auto mode is getting better and better. My dream is to be able to do a wedding in full auto mode and, as you say, to direct the camera with my thoughts. It's a question of time only.

  23. Good video Terry, thanks. I think in Japan the gx9 is called the gx7 MK2. I can see why, it pretty much is an upgraded gx7, rather than an upgraded gx8.

  24. I'll confess to being one of the anti-Auto crowd: when I don't have time to read the manual, I go to Manual. Now I'll have to reconsider my position.

    I'm picking up a GX9 for a trip to SE Asia this summer, as a companion to my G9. I think the GX9 will be perfect for knocking about Saigon's crowded environs.

  25. Thanks for this video. I need to give IA+ a fair workout on my GX85.
    I recommend you try the DMW-HGR2 hand grip when you use your long, heavy lenses. I was not so pleased when I moved from the G5 with its great grip. I added the HGR2 to the GX85 and all is well.

  26. Im a professional wedding photographer shooting with the G9 as my main camera. I use a gx85 with olympus 75 1.8 in Ai shooting monochrome and it blows me away with its acuaracy and image quality.

  27. Wow! I would never thought somebody in this day and age would still recomment using an "auto" setting on any camera.Just show that the "auto" setting is really under estimated.I would like to some of the street shots in b&w.Would have been nice.Just my opinion.Nice to hear from you again Terry and great video.

  28. Dear Terry, thanks a lot for this video!!! I'm using the GX 9 for almost one year now for streetphotography (+40 000 shots/yr) and never thought of using iA+ . Its the perfect camera for the street, I love it!!! Even the Leica guys admit it! I'll go out snd try iA+ this afternoon!!! Great video!

  29. Agreed. I bought this GX9 a few months back and am completely surprised at it's great all-round performance. I too was hesitant about the iA mode, but then you try it – and realize immediately just how good it is.
    I tend to leave the camera on this setting in case I just HAVE to shoot instantly, with high confidence of getting an otherwise missed chance at a unique shot. Unfortunately, the iA mode will not capture RAW – the main thing which I regret [corrected], and the lack of mike input too. The kit lens is perfectly good, and range and quality of lenses available is very impressive as well!
    I have been shooting film and digital for almost 40yrs for my work, and I think with the couple of extra lenses I have for the GX9, I have the best all-round set up I have ever had – and all in a carrier the size of a small handbag.

  30. I still think most pros don’t even try iAuto, so they don’t realise that there are situations where it is a decent idea to use it.
    Great video by the way!

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