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In this video, we carry out an in-depth scientific review of the Panasonic GZ2000 4K OLED TV and compare it to the LG C9, Philips OLED854, Panasonic GZ950 and a Sony BVM-X300 professional mastering monitor.

The Panasonic TX-55GZ2000B is the latest flagship Professional Edition 4K OLED TV from the manufacturer and boasts its new bespoke custom pro OLED panel. This has been customised by Panasonic’s engineers. The 55GZ2000B includes the company’s most advanced processor – the HCX Pro Intelligent. The image has also been optimised by a leading Hollywood colourist, resulting in a TV that delivers a highly accurate image that conforms to the industry standards. This takes away the cyan tint that is seen on all other WRGB panels and adds more accuracy to whites and colours.

The GZ2000 supports both dynamic metadata HDR formats: HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. It also supports Hybrid Log-Gamma and HLG Photo.

In another first, the Panasonic GZ2000 is the world’s first TV with built-in upward-firing speakers that are capable of delivering Dolby Atmos immersive audio with minimal setup and convenience. The complete audio system has also been tuned by Technics engineers.

The review sample was provided by Panasonic UK and is a finished retail production sample which was delivered in retail packaging.

We will always be transparent about who supplies a TV for review and the supplier (whether it is the manufacturer, distributor or retailer) never has any influence or input into our reviews. We will never accept payment to review a product as we insist on complete independence in our reviewing.
If a review is made possible by a retailer loaning it to us, we will state this within the review. We do this so that if a viewer is so inclined, they can use that retailer in return for helping to make our reviews possible.
We will NEVER mention a retailer in a video where they have not supplied the product for review, or otherwise, intentionally mislead the viewer in any way.

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15 thoughts on “Panasonic GZ2000 Review | Comparison with Sony BVM-X300, LG C9, Philips 854 & GZ950 OLED TVs

  1. The 2000 has better cooling of the screen.. What could give it a longer durablity. It's proven in test on youtube that image-retention is really less. Nobody can tell at the moment what it's worth.. Maybe you can better buy a 950 pansonic for halft the price and know that it will have a shorter lifespan.. But, then… in 5 or 8 years you are ready to buy a top nodge tv at that moment.. If you buy a panasonic 2000 now, and it will last 8 more years.. You will not have a step up for 16 years or longer.. hahaha. I still watch at a 25 years sony trinitron.. Because it won't break down. Excellent in colour, etc.. I will have to wait it out !!! Next..

  2. Outstanding in-depth review, this is the way we want all the reviews to be performed, much improved compared to some of your short past videos! It is such a shame that the GZ2000 does not include HDMI 2.1…it´s very important to me to have 120hz 4K to be somewhat future proof…will wait for next year model…

  3. Does the gz2000 have better near black detail rendering compared to other manufacturers? I know the c9 and 804 oleds have severe black crush with sony somewhere in the middle.

    How about doing a temporary image retention test compared to an lg/philips? I have seen the panasonic showing way less of an afterimage and clearing it up much quicker

  4. The white filtered oled was never going to have the colour purity of the Sony true rgb oled monitor. Sony’s is a true oled and Panasonic’s has a white filter that makes the colours look diluted.

  5. I purchased the TC65GZ1000 with a DPUB820K I love it! I was going to get the 2000 but I heard and read that it’s not worth it for the extra money 💰 my tv doesn’t have a sports mode option?? Is it because I live in Canada 🇨🇦 or do I have three heads!

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