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A quick video on my thoughts on the Panasonic GZ950 after using it roughly 7 days.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Thanks for watching and see ya in the next one!

Time stamp:

00:10: Why I bought this TV
01:10: Overall Impression
02:37: HDR / Dolby Vision
04:37: Netflix Calibrated Mode
05:19: Final thoughts


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23 thoughts on “Panasonic GZ950 Impression 7 Days

  1. I watch Sky tv in the UK which is 1080i and stream Netflix and Amazon, i do get some macro blocking on Netflix and Amazon i know they are compressed to bits. At the mo i have a FZ802, would this GZ950 deal with macro blocking any better than the FZ.

  2. Does micro stutter still exist? – i used IFC various settings on FZ802 – this sometimes like frame stop effect drove me nut. Does this model has the same effect?

  3. Great video! Will you get it professionally calibrated?? I was trying to get a Canadian company to ship one to me. No luck lol!

  4. Hi. Have you noticed any pixel issues on fast moving images from static as in when an advert pans in for a close up?
    I have this tv that i mentioned replaced my fz952.

  5. Ist seems that this panasonic is doing better with reflections.. I'm considering buying a lgc9 but the shiny mirror-like screen holds me back. But as you say,.. the smart part of the lg is better… I don't know what I will experience with that..

    I watch a lot on youtube.. Now on my desktop.. But I think I will go watch pretty much of this on the new tv.. So, I wonder…. Will this be a reason to go for the lG ??

    Because.. what will I have agianst watching youtube on the panasonic agianst the LG..

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