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Panasonic Lumix G7 Review + Video & Photo Tests

***Watch in FHD***
Hi Honey,
I listened to my subscribers and decided to update my camera because I know quality is important. I hope you all enjoy the quality of my upcoming videos. I decided to help my honeys and anyone else interested in upgrading a camera. This is a beginner friendly video, so if you aren’t super techy this is the video for you (=
-also the lumix g7 records up to 4k.
Question: What device did you all think was the best? Let me know in the comment section.

Time Stamps:
1:49 Quick Pros of Camera
3:15 Quick Cons of Camera
8:26 Overall Opinion on Who This Camera is for
9:00 Me using the Panasonic App
10:15 Photo Tests
10:40 Video Tests

Note: I might have some videos that are using my phone/Minolta/thieye/etc. because they were pre-recorded or the only device available at the time. Going forward I will have the device I record with in the description if anyone wants to know.

Videos Where I am using the Panasonic G7:

Link to where I bought my camera new (open box):
Link to where you can buy Minolta:
Link to where you can purchase iPad:
Link to where you can buy ThiEye:
***The phone used in the video is an android- LG K20 Plus (from MetroPCS)
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Thank you for watching
Marvelous Melanin

I am recording with my iPad Air in this video. Edited with Wondershare Filmora (don’t recommend).

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5 thoughts on “Panasonic Lumix G7 Review + Video & Photo Tests

  1. I love your background, so unique and creative! I love that it has the flip out screen, that camera looks really nice. I really love how honest you are and list the pros and cons of the camera. This is a very educational video, thank you again for doing this review!

  2. I hate when I think I’m recording and I’m not… 😑 I love that you can use an external microphone!! Can this camera be places on a self stick ?? Thank you for this video because I haven’t really decided if I want to move away from my iPhone.

  3. I'm looking for a camera but I don't know what to buy yet… Now looking to the canon m100 and g7x. But this one looks really nice!😍 Do you have problems with overheating?

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