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In-depth review of the movie modes on the Lumix S1 and S1R. NB: there is 1080 24p in AVCHD.
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05:49 – Lumix S1 1080p quality results
07:14 – Lumix S1 4k quality results
08:44 – Lumix S1R 1080p and 4k quality results
10:55 – Slow motion video
11:34 – Rolling shutter tests
12:19 – Stabilisation tests
13:13 – Autofocus tests
16:25 – Vlogging test
18:46 – All-round video tests
20:31 – Final verdict


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21 thoughts on “Panasonic Lumix S1 S1R movies IN-DEPTH quality, AF, IS review

  1. I really like this camera I know people talk about it being heavy but I like that. And I think it’s good for video!

  2. "i love your video" idk why i felt like, Panasonic made the screen turn inwards to keep it away from the "sun" and with how heavy the camera is, if it were to flip out inwards and fall that screen will defiantly brake off…i could be wrong, but that's just what it looks like to me..but great video i love it.

  3. Another wonderful review…Thank you Gordon. So, my question: Does Panasonic plan a S1/S1R firmware update for the CF Express card? One company has driven XQD prices through the roof at the expense of Nikon and now Panasonic XQD users. CF Express prices are comparable, but CF Express is about 4times the speed of XQD…plus CF E is backwards compatible. Most importantly, one company will not corner the market so prices should be competitive. Problem is S1H can't be converted with SD card slots :[…same with Sony, Fuji, Canon, etc.

  4. That APS-C test for 1080 didn't look so hot. I was hoping to use the APS-C crop mode alot with this camera if I got it because those are the lenses I have.

  5. Looking to use this camera for a wedding video shoot. I feel pretty confident about it now after watching this video.


    A Day In New York City
    Equipment Used
    ZHIYUN Crane V2
    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH3
    7artisans 7.5mm F2.8

  7. You couldnt see the S1 screen when walking, but the picture was amazing. Almost dont have to worry about it. 🙂

  8. Really nice review and fair too.i am happy to see such a smooth autofocusing in this camera compared to anyone in the market,the transition is looking very good. Which is a key for videography,The best part about this sensor is it's so we'll behaved and stabilised that I almost believed that you were using a humble of some sort,besides there wasn't any refocusing issue while vlogging although you were walking in a variably luminated street. Nice camera I must say,it covers most of the cons from other full frame mirrorless in the market at the cost of slightly bigger body but that might be a plus for many I guess.Really like how simple and well placed dials and buttons unlike over crowded back of fuji.

  9. This has great colour. But if you're are doing video autofocussing this is the worst camera, not like reviews say managble smooth talk. This is worst. Also relying on 2 f/4 lenses was my mistake buying this camera. I got 50% off in India. Still price is not justification.

  10. Great review, as always. As a long time GH series videographer, I have often wanted a Super35 or FF version of these cameras. The S1 is a huge step in the right direction, but I am inclined to hold off until I see the prices of Sigma's lenses and fixes for their reportedly flawed adapter. I can justify the cost of the S1 body, but only if I am not forced to abandon my inventory of FF lenses. Yes, I realize native lenses will always perform better than adapted lenses, but I just won't start over with a gaggle of new lenses to adopt the S1 body. That said, I'm glad to see Panasonic moving in this direction. I am also curious to see how the S1 film maker firmware update fares. Exciting times to be a film maker.

  11. Because the s1 does not allow you to adjust settings in high frame rates, can you confirm that the shutter speed is locked at 180 so as not to disrupt motion blur in slow motion?

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