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I spent the last few weeks testing out the Panasonic S1 to see if it is a good camera for Video Shooters. I wanted to just use this camera as my main camera for a few weeks and see how it feels being used to shoot video. This is my thoughts after working with it.

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30 thoughts on “Panasonic S1 For Video Shooters – Is it any good?

  1. solid review bro! I've been thinking of upgrading from my two GH4s for a while but i might have to sell both of those to get one S1 which will hurt a bit!

  2. I love how youtubers always say "let's dive right in" and then take another 18 minutes to get to any interesting point whatsoever.

  3. So in short you like the camera but won’t use it because the 40K 60 crops. What’s the solution then? Use the competition that crops all 4K formats? LOL

  4. Awesome review.
    Very good balance between pros and cons. Hands on review on usability was very helpful.

    I usually skip 1st gen camera, but looks like panasonic did pretty well.

    I don’t understand why some ppl bash you for not mentioning “everything” which is kind of ridiculous tbh.
    I know I’m not here for spec sheet reading which I’ve already done.

    Can’t accept the fact that the camera you spent $3,000+ on has some flaws?
    Seeking blind praise to justify your purchase is petty and pathetic.
    There is no such thing as a perfect camera.

  5. Bro, I really expected you to not fall into the same trap as other reviewers. This camera will have 10 bit 4:2:2 and FULL V-LOG in July. I have my gripes with some of the choices made on this camera, but it's either uninformed or disingenuous not to acknowledge that you will have 10 bit and log in all the various shooting modes in less than 2 months.

  6. I’m sorry this is not a good review if I’m being honest. Lot of things wasn’t mentioned.

    The end video quality is flat out better than the gh5…I feel like that should’ve been mentioned. The IBIS is actually better than the gh5 at long focal lengths. You didn’t mention the fact that we now have new manual focus options like linear and throw adjustments. Idk…I think you’ve probably should’ve worked with it a little more.

  7. You said this camera doesn’t have 10-but internal and that’s false. HLG profile is 10-bit internal.

    You didn’t even mention the high speed frame rates outside of 60fps

  8. You kinda gotta give this camera more. Credit…..ive been a GH5 shooter and now I'm on the S1. You Barely brushed on what, this camera does extremely well on And that is the insane quality and amazing look of the beautiful slow motion. Not to mention this camera sees in the dark. Lol be fair and state the positives as well. Not just the huge negatives. The stabilization is insnaly better then the GH5 as well but of course that was not Mentioned.

  9. I’d like to see you revisit this camera once they release some new firmware. Like the promised vlog and 10 bit internal update. Maybe it’ll pack some hidden features

  10. Sony A7mk111 arrives tomorrow what lens would you rek-For B-Rolland good photos much appreciated if you answered or anyone else reading this Thanks Amazing channel by the way 👍

  11. As others have commented below, there's 4K 10-bit HLG 4:2:0 built-in. Not sure how you missed that. The QXD (soon to be CFExpress compatible) card slot is necessary to accomodate and process the future firmware upgrade and the higher and more robust 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 codecs internally– something even the fastest SD card may struggle with. It gives Panasonic more leeway to consider future video format updates.

  12. Whoa Jeven, haven’t seen this camera in real life and was wondering if this would replace my GH5S and at 7:35mins point I knew this won’t replace it. 😂

  13. Changing to HLG will give you 10bit internal recording. (HEVC only). Also, all the gammas are 10bit over HDMI for recording to an Atomos recorder.

  14. As a non pro enthusiast I love my S1. But it looks like Panasonic went out of their way to make sure working pros don't get this camera. For them it will be the upcoming video specific L camera, whatever that is.

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