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We got our hands on a Panasonic S1H for some time to test it and make a review. We tested it in real live situations. The way we use it in the field.
We where mainly interested in:
Image quality, dynamic range, high ISO, autofocus, slow motion and weight. Please have a look and let us know in the comments if you have any questions about it. We are more then happy to answer them.


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26 thoughts on “Panasonic S1H review in 4K // Real world outdoor test

  1. GREAT VIDEO! when color correcting and color grading the 180fps FHD footage, did you notice the image quality falling apart much?

  2. You are the first who say that the AF is decent! Hopefully you are right. Nice video review, I liked that you pointed out that the weight is not so much more than gh5 plus adapters!

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