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Panasonic S1H Review – The First 6K Full Frame Mirrorless Camera
Panasonic S1H –
Moza Air 2 –
Panasonic Lumix S Pro 24-70mm F2.8 –

Shot on:

Sony A7III –
Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD –
Moza Slypod –
Deity D3 Pro –

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27 thoughts on “Panasonic S1H Review – The First 6K Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

  1. Note: The playback at 2:54 is much smoother in reality, there must be some issue with my screen recorder.
    Sony A7III vs Panasonic S1 –
    Slited at 0:24 Is Moza Slypod –

  2. Does the fan ever kick on during long exposure stills? Seems like that could be useful for long exposure night and astrophotography applications to reduce signal noise.

  3. Great video! But, one quick question: Could you make a video where you put the G9 up against the Z6? They share a lot of features in my opinion like great video, great ergonomics and handling, etc. Thank you!

  4. Really well done, unbiased as always. One of the reasons I subscribed to this channel. And your English is flawless as well.

  5. AF looks good. I like the smooth focus changes and the lock-on seems solid. I still would prefer phase detect though. But this is far better than the first S1 AF reviews.

  6. This really has made me want one. But I am fed up of switching systems and changing up my gear I am now back with Canon. Though this is so tempting

  7. Great review as always from you. Quick question, as you were using the S1H & 24-70mm on the Moza Air 2, from your experience do you think it would be possible to use a lighter setup on the more travel friendly class of gimbals such as the Ronin SC, Air Cross 2 or Weebill S?

    I personally would much prefer a combination of beast camera, light lens & compact gimbal. Rather than the goliath setup you were rocking. #MyArmsArentReady ;P

  8. I always love your reviews. Again Thank you for your insights. Would you be considering buying this camera for your personal work? I know you had used Panasonic G9 frequently so I thought you might end up using this camera as your main camera.

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