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The Panasonic S1H is now finally available for purchasing and we took it for a spin in order to put it through its paces.

Many thanks for Brittany. Her courage and strength should be a torch for others!

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26 thoughts on “Panasonic S1H Sample Footage

  1. Music courtesy of – Get 25% off any Pay-Per-Use license with code C5D25 (valid for one use per customer)
    For the FULL review, please head to:

  2. "im a girl" 4:18 … were you born with a dangly thing? then your not a girl. He needs to be surrounded by people who love him and respect him enough to tell him the truth. Real courage is to do what is right even when you dont feel it. To ignore people telling you the truth (your a boy) is not a good approach, and to relate your sex, a beautiful gift, to a carrier choice is not correct.

  3. shared

  4. Hello! May we please see ungraded clips please? I love the story of the subject but i am also interested to see how the camera performs.

  5. You got to love the virtue signaling and click bait video here. Remember everyone get woke go broke. Maybe the geniuses at 5D need to remember that instead of getting into online fights with their audience in their forums. Because there’s gonna be a lot of unsubs not because of the alleged intolerance, but because this is a poor review, poorly shot, Clickbait, and also a place where people go to avoid political correctness that is it around every corner. This is a camera review page, not BuzzFeed.

  6. I'm not chiming in on the pros or cons of the story. IMO that's for individuals to decide in their own private realms. God bless everyone on their unique journey.  But… Because I get my fill of sociopolitical (presumed) correctness shoved down my throat from every other conceivable angle in life, I will unsubscribe from this one. 

    Been with C5D from the beginning (since I had my 5DM2). Any recs of other forums that stick to the tech stuff?

  7. It would be great if we could come to the channel and watch content labeled "sample footage" and have it be actual sample footage and not an almost clickbait style post to share a political viewpoint or story. If it's a story piece then title it as such and say "shot on S1H". Viewers will then judge the footage on the effectiveness of the story and that might be an influence one way or another… just my opinion.

    That said, the footage does seem to have a heavy yellow-green cast. Can you share any details on how the footage was shot and post-produced for context? It would be helpful for people considering this camera in the near future. I would love to see a controlled setting with some skin tone shooting showing the color profile and post-production.

  8. Strange how the colors shifted so much from 1440p option to 5k option, Please people before watching it take note, seems a problem of youtube. at 5k the colors looks so much more vibrant.

  9. I’m so interested in this camera but I don’t want to invest and it not work for what I do . I shoot live music video and photos . I had read that it and the S1 have trouble with the blue color spectrum blowing the highlights. It’s this true ? I want to use this camera as a steppingstone into the Panasonic VariCam line . So if it’s good there I’ll end up getting several S1h bodies. Thanks

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