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Peak Design Travel Tripod Kickstarter:

Gitzo Series 1 Traveller GT1555T – 5 Section:
Gitzo Series 1 Traveller GT1555T – 5 Section (w/ ballhead):

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Brock Berrigan – Split Decision

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22 thoughts on “Peak Design Travel Tripod – 5 Things You NEED to Know

  1. Oh boy cant wait to get this tripod!!! Along with my 300meg full frame camera and 18mm-300mm zoom f1.2 lens and carry 10tera of memory and 50 batteries so i can shoot in RAW and come back and edited 98% of the picture I took with my $25k camera with a $99 dollar editing program. so i can post it online.

  2. This man is a genius… He should be the biggest star on youtube. He took a disadvantage that he has of getting the product late and turned it into a he showed you how he solved all the problems of other reviewers. Or that's his plan to make us believe he got it late. So he could us others reviews as part of his research. either way Youtube is about getting the info you need. I watched every other youtuber video on this tripod i havent even finished this video and already started this review. He did more research then they did because he answered all the questions they left me with. WOW the point is Youtubers be to quick to post because they want to show they got it first…. sometimes last is best… good job sir, you turned a weakness into a strength. Valuable lesson learned here and I thank you for it.

  3. Having to raise the center column just to get the ballhead functional is a non-starter. Add in 5-section legs, having to cantilever the camera to shoot in portrait mode with the standard head, lack of panning are also no-gos for me. Despite the claims, its not fully compatible with Arca-Swiss plates (such as the vast majority of L-brackets) unless you purchase an A-S adapter. What good is 'compact' if its not very functional? I've been looking for a travel tripod (been using my old Gitzo GT-2540 with Markins Q-ball head and RRS lever clamp)…not the smallest, but its fairly light and extremely stable. Unless something better comes along, I'll stick with what I have and take a pass on the PD.

  4. Peak Design products are all pricey, but everything I purchased so far is much better build and design than any of the competition.

  5. Hey Kai,

    What's your verdict now that you've been using the tripod for a while? Is it worth it or do you miss the real ball head on your gitzo?

  6. Thanks for the review! We just did a video on a $30 alternative tripod that's ALMOST as cool as the Peak Design one!

  7. Somebody is extracting the proverbial – almost a grand for a tripod?

    Come off it.

    For the number of times I get the tripod out I will stick with my £12 Aldi jobby.

    These companies are having a laugh at their "customers / mugs."

  8. Hi Kai, Just wondering now that it's been a while….do you still like this tripod???….I'm teetering between this one and the Globetrotter travel tripod….which would you recommend for a Nikon D750??

  9. Other than their strap system, I find nothing Peak does very special – except the amount of hype they generate. Their bags suffer from over design at the expense of usefulness, and this looks like more of the same.

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