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Photoshop CC Tutorials

Photoshop CC tutorials showing how to…

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37 thoughts on “Photoshop CC Tutorials

  1. Really compliments for your channel, you are very good!
    I also have a channel of photoshop tutorial, I'd appreciate if you spend! If you want to subscribe, I with you I did (and also like the video)!
    See you soon and congratulations again!

  2. Thanks for reply , next one how do you turn a picture of fish scales into a testure that I can reuse. I have some macro shots that I would like to use as texture or  make my own brush.

  3. my photoshop cc 2014 : there things not active
    1) Mini Bridge not apeare in file menu
    2) the 3D menu i can't use it , its apeare but all the cammands not active

    i print screen my photoshop

    i am using macbook os x 10.9.4

    i hope u anwser me …

  4. Hey so I just got photoshop cc and when you started showing how to do things in 3D you originally had a white rectangle on the screen, how do you get that? My screen comes up blank.

    CC is great, but. I still have CS5 And light room 5 on my computer and as soon as my $30.00 subscription ends, I plan to cancel CC. I really resent having to "rent" my software. Not to mention the fact that many of the program downloads are problem prone and Adobe expects me to troubleshoot the problems. Several calls to the "tech's" resulted in several different fixes. I finally had to get on user websites to find out that the problems were more than just my computer and that Adobe was aware of them but wouldn't let the tech's tell me that and still expected me to fix. The almost monthly "updates" are also pretty annoying for the often useless improvements. Unless you are a pro who needs the latest updates and doesn't mind renting your programs, I would suggest going to Amazon and buying hard copy's of CS5-6. Then again there are several competitors who don't force you to rent their software. The choice is yours.

  6. can anyone tell me how to change the name of a photoshop document while it is open — in the tab? I saw it somewhere and now can't remember how to do it.

  7. I love PScc, but I'm having trouble with the 3D.  I keep getting a "not enough RAM" message (i have 32 G).  I'm not the only one having this trouble.  I hope Adobe gets this fixed soon.

  8. Hey, Guy, you know you have woman/girls/gals in your audience.  Talk to us too,  Not just, Hey, guys, Hello, guys.  I feel left out.  Thanks for your consideration.  Good video.

  9. The CC servers have already been hacked, so never store anything there. Also, access to CC has also been hacked. So never go about buying any of this stuff, let them know we want to OWN when we pay.

  10. How about preview when opening files, still missing? previous version you have to open Adobe Bridge just to preview which file you need to open how about this cc version?

  11. hello,,, i am new to photoshop
    and my english is not perfect but i need your help with something
    if i have a picture taken using a mirror and i want to remove the hand holding the camera wich is covering my chest or something like that to replace it with whats behhind the hand ,, is that possible , and can u teach me ,?? thanks

  12. Michael, it had everything CS6 has and more! If you get CC you also get access to all of Adobes applications. (such as Illustrator, InDesign, DremWeaver, etc.)

  13. I was contemplating purchasing CS6 which retails for like over 1k here in rip off merchant land called Australia when i come across CC. It's the same thing am i right? You can do all the things you can do in CS6 and more?

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