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Photoshop Tutorial – How To Change The DPI Of An Image

Photoshop Tutorial – How To Change The DPI Of An Image

In this video tutorial I show you how to change the DPI (Pixels Per Inch) of an image within photoshop.

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43 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial – How To Change The DPI Of An Image

  1. The document size changes when the dpi is changed, so does that mean that if I were to print the photo, it would no longer be 6”x4”? Looks like now it would be 3×2. How do I get 150 dpi on a 6×4 image?

  2. Isn't that ppi? pixels/inch .. Im new to photoshop and printing also.. im making some flyer design so I need this

  3. every single tutorial i find is the EXACT SAME THING. each one changes the PPI and not the DPI, pixels are not dots. seriously how do you change the DPI not PPI.

  4. Hi Sir this is my first time learning Photoshop, i wanted to know how I can change the image size so that I can print it in the exact inches for the height and width. I apologize as i haven't figured out using the App. Thank you sir

  5. thank you for video. i needed a tutorial bc i’m entering this contest and they have a certain dpi so i need to learn how to change it

  6. Hi, I use firefox not through windows ten. I don't understand how to convert photo inches size top bottom left and right to pixels. Then convert pixels to MB. Does anybody understand? Feel free to send me a link if any of you guys know one.

  7. Hi, If i change dpi form [ex:] 200-300 dpi using an online converter will it be OK ? or does it need change the dimensions as well ? i have different sizes of images and when i changed the dpi to 300 the dimensions remained the same..

  8. When i go to staples and tell them I changed the resolution/dpi and size as you explained they tell me that because i do not have the original picture in the same resolution that i changed it that it will not print in the quality that i have changed it to. ie; i have a poster image on my computer and i bring it into photoshop to change resolution and size to a much larger size and higher res. I go to staples and want to print the poster as an 18" x 24" poster. They say it will not have the quality of the resolution i changed it to because that was not it's original resolution. I changed it from 200 dpi to 1,000 dpi.

  9. this is helpful friends,please can some one assist me here, i want to do print canvas print out but i was told that they are able to print up to 72dpi?
    Does it mean that my already edited pics can be changed resolution again or i need new pictures ?

  10. Straight to the point thanks so much!! You have no idea how many videos I had to watch to resizes my picture I was going crazy! You are the best!!

  11. Hi… how to solve this ? image width will be 148px, height will be 207px, image format will be jpg, file size will be less than 12 kb, and dpi will be 150…. i am try many way to get the result, but nothing happening after saving the file. please give me a good way to get the result… Thanks

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