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Did you have your initial papsmear screening and test positive for HPV but NEGATIVE for cervical dysplasia?

Did your doctor tell you to come back and see them in a year?

So many women are feeling scared and do not know what to do next. The insurance companies do not want to approve the additional tests needed to screen properly for CERVICAL CANCER!

MAKE SURE YOU ARE BEING PROPERLY CARED FOR BY YOUR GYNECOLOGIST LADIES I URGE YOU. If you are positive for HPV 16 or 18 you NEED to have your doctor perform a colposcopy.

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10 thoughts on “POSITIVE HPV PAP? What doctors won’t tell you!

  1. Planned parenthood can do colposcopies as well. I have high risk HPV and my OBGYN told me after my colp was “normal” to just come back in a year. I was so pissed and saw an alternative medicine doctor who has me taking a vitamin b complex. I’ll be emailing you tomorrow!

  2. Hi I was diagnosed with hpv when I was 16 years old I'm 25 now since then all my test have been negative what should I do should I seek more help on this

  3. what are the s/sx of cervical cancer? I also have my pap smear normal but my hpv test came out positive high risk.

  4. I have stage 0 cervical cancer and am having a hard time getting a referral to an oncologist. I live in Ky anyone know anybody who can help me please. I have 3 children and am a wife. I am scared to death. I know Gods in control!

  5. Hi, thanks the video because I didn't know and I appreciate you telling all women! I have two friends that have HPV. But(one's a girl, one's a guy), but they don't know there was different kinds. In fact none of our circle of friends knew that there was different kinds of HPV. That pisses me off that doctors don't tell their patients. Thank God for people like you!

  6. Had CIN 3 and HPV used escharotic treatment, normal pap smear. Doctors appointment said like coloscopy, and leep procedure and I said no.

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