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Razer Viper Review – Their Best Gaming Mouse Yet?

The Razer Viper gaming mouse has been teased but now its finally in our hands! It seems to have everything we could want to make it the best gaming mouse too; a lightweight design, great form, new optical switches and more. But with mice like the Glorious Model O and Logitech G Pro out there, can the ambidextrous Razer Viper win even with its higher price?

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Review unit provided free of charge by Razer. This video is sponsored by be quiet! & Corsair. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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24 thoughts on “Razer Viper Review – Their Best Gaming Mouse Yet?

  1. If I want buy a gaming mice from razer betwen Deathadder Elite, Mamba Elite, and Basillisk TE or Chroma (I though) wich one is better?

  2. as a lefty gamer i hate the g pro. ive had 2 replaced for double clicking. For the record your title is misleading. your comparing one mouse to another that lefties cannot use. thumbs down….

  3. My best performance in fps games was when I was using a heavy mouse-like something over 120g rather than something under 100g. When a mouse is too light I can't control it well especially during fast acceleration and sudden stops.

  4. Do you need to have Razer Synapse installed and running so that the mouse can remember the DPI settings that you entered? Or in other words is it like the DA Elite?

  5. mouse button activated by laser instead of metal spring when pressed? that's genius. so no more double clicking and it can last forever

  6. Model is bad mine disconnects on it's own and the cursor stopped showing up on my moniter but the mouse I got with my pc works just fine

  7. You can get replacement feet upgrades like hyperglides and such for a Deathadder Elite, carefully measure and cut, and it'll fit the Viper. The Viper's main flaw is then solved.

  8. If this was a corsair mouse, I'd want to buy it.
    Been looking for a good fps gaming mouse for a while and the m65 elite is quite uncomfortable.

  9. I just got this mouse… 0 complaints, won 2 Apex games back to back with this straight out of the box. Did not even install Synapse, I gotta say one of the best Razer mouse and one of the best mouse I have used in my life. (Used S2 Divina, Ec1A, Ec2B, DA 2013, DA Elite, G305)

    However, at the same time, I have to say this mouse has the absolute WORST feet. Need 3rd party better stock feet. That is my only complaint.

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