9 thoughts on “Road Master A New Bus Service Launched in Pakistan

  1. Third class services, no leg space, no seat comfort, non courteous staff, pathetic food and regular bus with no extra features. " An eye opener for Daewoo bus service as if they would have improved then no such fools would enter this business"

  2. Agr ap gari ke video bnatay to ziyada best hota bajay pic sy r pic b ap ny agy peachy lgai hn yani Jo bt ap krty ho us ke pic ap ke bt sy phly ya bd my ati hy na k ap ke bt k sath

  3. Keya bat KRTY hu karachi coach or bellu lien or Pakistan coch. Hino camp ni aai hy uss waqt sy Banu the ju ap Jen ki tarefen kr rehy hu en sab ko basen Haji abbas mrhum k bachun ny prwaed ki THIEN DVR TAHIR AWAN CHAKWAL Wanhar

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