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RODE Wireless Go review – BEST BUDGET wireless microphone!

In-depth review of the RODE Wireless Go microphone system. Thanks Ben Harvey for filming.
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Filmed with the Sony A6400 and e 24mm:
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46 thoughts on “RODE Wireless Go review – BEST BUDGET wireless microphone!

  1. 30 mins long and all of it was worth it!! I gotta learn how to review products like this. Do you have a structure, format, or method that produces consistency?

  2. "Those pebbles behind you … did they come there in a storm? Were they dropped there by a series of ambitious seagulls perhaps building some sort of monument, we may never know…" Mr Laing, that's art, art, poetry, literally limericks brought into a tech review! Greatly appreciated indeed.

  3. I’ve been using the Wireless Go for a few months now and it is awesome, I’ve used it under some fairly extreme conditions and it has been flawless

  4. Really good review thanks 🙏
    Only one question: is it possible to connect several rode wireless micro to the rode receiver? Let’s say you want to do an interview or if there are more than one person in the video?

  5. Thanks for the distance demo others just try in in a studio not suitable for my type of out door video with the subject has their backs to me flying Radio controlled models.

  6. Hey Gordan…u have done a fantastic job of explanaition, and you have put in the different circumstances re the Rode GO. Ill now subsribe. Thx Geoff in Oz

  7. So if you place this on a belt of the talent or in the suit pocket and doing a 3-5m distance from camera shoot you'll be okay ?

  8. It's been 10 years since I first started watching your videos. I learnt my first photography lessons from this channel. Now I'm here a decade later learning more about audio products.

  9. Believe it or not – it does not work with Rode‘ s own SmartLav+ unless you buy an extra TRRS to TRS Adapter. Silly, that!

  10. When charging the display microphone does yours ever show a full charge or does it always show the lightning symbol? I contacted rode and others and nobody has given me a straightforward answer. I always receive an indirect answer. I am on my second package due to bad packaging on the first set.

  11. One of the great reviews I've seen so far for the rode go. Awesome job being very thorough on the review. Love the outside tests as you really get the impact of the wireless setup vs. say a shotgun mic. definitely issues being far out and turning around while recording. Very cool tech and great review Gordon!

  12. Just received mine yesterday. How did you get your hands on one so soon? It’s still not available in the UK I was lucky I got it from Amazon. Ps great review! 👍

  13. More in-depth review of all the vids I've seen. I bought product and received yesterday. Haven't had a chance to test it yet. But I'll be testing under real pro conditions, with a backup alternative of course. My only concern abt this system is that it cuts out when you turn around. Connecting a lav and clipping transmitter on waist should reduce cut-outs, but it will still cut out at times. Other than that, this is the perfect solution. Range is impressive at this price point. Quality is not excellent but still very good – you can always EQ it in post. I'll see what it's like in my test.

  14. Hello, do you know when they’ll release this for Amazon? Also amazing review, I love the hard work and effort that you put into this video in order to make the best review! I subscribed because of the video quality and production of this video and also because I didn’t even know about a new product from rode was produced. I was actually going to buy the lavalier mic that connects to the phone but the wire was a problem for me and I didn’t want that, because then I’d have to have my phone on me at all times but with this I wouldn’t need to worry about that!! Because the distance from the cord isn’t limited!!

  15. Seriously, I just subscribed because this video was so good. I just got my Wireless Go's and love them but always am looking for info and ideas about stuff I own. It was a real pleasure seeing your review. Thanks so much. Cheers.

  16. good review but WAY to long .30min to explain how it works etc???.. 10min should of been long enough. its not that hard! thanks

  17. Can you use this system with a handheld mic, such as an ATR 2100? I assume you'd need some sort of adapter for it. Fantastic review Gordon, much appreciated!

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