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Hands-on review of the Samsung Q90R flagship TV.

The Samsung Q90R is an excellent 4k LED TV with impressive picture quality. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:
It has a high native contrast ratio, great local dimming support, and excellent black uniformity that allow it to deliver deep blacks in a dark room.

The TV can get very bright both in SDR and HDR and has a wide color gamut that allows it to deliver HDR content full of vivid colors and highlights that pop. Although the TV has a VA panel, the viewing angles are decent thanks to the ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ technology. Motion handling is excellent and the image is crisp thanks to the very fast response time. The Q90R supports FreeSync for tear-free gaming and has a very low input lag that makes it very responsive.

Model tested: 65” (QN65Q90R)
Should also be valid for the 75” (QN75Q90R) and 82” (QN82Q90R)

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Design (00:53)
Inputs (01:33)
Thermal (02:03)
Picture Quality (02:21)
Contrast (02:36)
Local Dimming (03:33)
Reflections (04:40)
Peak Brightness (05:08)
Color Volume & Gamut (06:13)
Viewing Angle (07:34)
Gray Uniformity (08:24)
Response Time (09:08)
Black Frame Insertion BFI (09:39)
Supported Resolutions (10:00)
Input Lag (10:40)
Variable Refresh Rate (11:25)
Smart Features & Remote (11:47)
Sound (12:23)
TVs Comparison (12:38)
Conclusion (13:51)

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Q90R 2019 4k TV Review –

  1. How does it compare to the new TCL 8 Series? Also where does the Vizio Quantum X land in Samsung’s current line up? Can it hang with either the Q70R, Q80R or the Q90R, or does it only content with the Q60R?

  2. 7:04 the higher than optimal brightness curve is only there because the panels can’t reach all the way to the highest brightness. Then by adjusting it to go brighter earlier compensates for the missing brightness and also creates more contrast.

  3. Samsung, Still No eArc / 2.1 Or DOLBY ATMOS Already 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😣🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔!!! Would've GOTTEN the QR90 ALREADY too!!!! BUT LG , Nanocell, is Definitely on the Radar!!!!

  4. Please help me choose: I have a malfunctioning KS8500 (bad panel and backlight bleeding) and as part of the warranty I can get the Q90R for ~70% off discount or a free panel replacement (will take 3 months+) and get the LG C9 full price by Sept.
    What do you guys think?
    I REALLY wanted to try this years OLED C9, but the 70% +/- off for new Q90R – and getting back almost the entire cost for my old KS8500 (trading my TV) makes it a tempting worthwhile offer. Unparalleled price.
    I'm a Gamer it's mostly for 4K + HDR Gaming!

  5. ask you for a hand, I have the budget to change the television and I'm really undecided between lgC9 55 and qled q90 55,
    to see the tests it would seem nn to have left us but I am terrified of the burn in, it is a real risk or are they a concern of mine? I know what needs to be done to avoid it but is it enough?
    keep in mind that the TV would be placed in a not very bright room
    thanks for the help and your precious videos
    good evening

  6. HELP Choosing next TV: I am coming from a 10y old Samsung 48'' for casual TV viewing and a Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector with 90'' screen for movie time. I want to replace both with a good compromise. Currently I can get a 65'' LG C8 OLED for €2.000, a Samsung 75'' QE90R for around €5.000. The price of the LG is extremely tempting but I am concerned I will find it just to small to even come close to replacing the projector experience…. Side by side the 75'' seems to dwarf the 65''. I sit at about 300cm from the TV. 🙏

  7. Plz show the real reviews Samsung 2019 lineup TVs BIGGEST FAILER in terms of Brightness so plz say the truth to everyone don't appreciate the Bad performance TV
    8.7 rating is too unfair

  8. !!!WARNING!!! NO SUPPORT FOR DTS!!!! Like in the last 2 years. Won't play ANY .mkv / .mp4 with DTS sound (that's 99,9% of HD "dumps") No videos from USB or PC/DLNA media servers. Only 480p divX with MP3 or such low quality crap supported.

  9. I have been waiting for a TV for my PC to play games at 4K120hz. I have a powerful PC but I am curious if VFR will apply with the 4K120Hz input. Great review! Possible contender

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