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Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 FE: Final Review | 4K

Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 FE: Final Review | Join photographer Dustin Abbott for a detailed final review of this exciting new portrait lens from Samyang. Build, image quality, autofocus performance, video, and more. Dustin reviews the lens with firmware 2.0 installed. Has Samyang nailed down a winning formula for this lens? Read the final review: | Visit the image gallery:
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37 thoughts on “Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 FE: Final Review | 4K

  1. Price aside, does the Sony 85 f/1.4 focus (much) faster/more accurate that the Samyang (cause I hear that for a first 'party lens' its AF is not that great) and is its IQ on par / only slightly worst or a large IQ gap?

  2. This vs the Sony 80 1.8 which is sharper ? At 1.8? Just wondering because I’m new to Sony and need a 85mm but stuck between this and the Sony 1.8 ;(

  3. Putting aside weight and price considerations, what 85mm lens do you love for the special rendering of images, please? What 50-56 mm lens? What 35mm lens? I rely on your comprehensive analysis of lenses, but value equally your unerring ability to go to the heart of their appeal. Ideally, I would prefer lenses that provide a unique, arresting quality over those that are merely sharp and accurate. Many thanks again!

  4. Good review mate. Have you been able to compare this to the Sony 85mm 1.8 please? In New Zealand at the moment, a new Sony 85 1.8 is about 650 usd (1000nzd) and samyang 1.4 is 774 usd (1200 nzd). Wanting to compare really the auto focus speed / reliability and seeing as Sony is cheaper , is it the better overall ? For me 1.4 would be nice to have but not if it’s at the compromise of good low light AF

  5. The best review I have ever seen on this lens. Very thorough, all the right critical details and information that’s needed when making a decision. You did a super job on this review! THANK YOU!

  6. I'm also having the Focus Pulsing that Dustin mentions in the video – it only happens in AF-C and does happen when using Eye AF, quite a lot. The camera snaps on to the target, but then starts this nervous pulsing where focus racks back and forth endlessly and never settles. I haven't yet updated the firmware.

  7. Hello Dustin, Thank you very much for the review. I bought a Samyang 85mm F1.4 last week and took out for a shoot on A7III. Samyang is with FW ver3. When I fill the frame vertically for full body shot the EYE AF shows on the screen but when I reviewed the shot, eyes were looking soft at F1.4. Is this because it is a bad AF or it is soft because of f1.4 . I took 173 shots on different perspectives and I had 60% hit rate only. Can you please advise. This is my first telephoto prime AF. I hope you can help

  8. thanks for the review,i buy a tamron 24-70 g2 for canon thanks your review now i have sony a7iii brand new and im not shure if i have to buy 85 gm or a samyang ,im very undecided . The only thing that stop me to buy a gm is the autofocus, is so bad?the color on samyang pictures have a yellow dominant ?please help

  9. Damn it Samyang. I was just about to buy a Sony 85mm f1.8 and searching Google for the best price when I stumbled across this. It really throws a spanner in the works :P.

  10. Dustin, currently in the UK both the Sony 85mm f1.8 and the Samyang 85mm f1.4 are going to market for £599. When I shoot I tend to look for sharpness of image across frame, contrast and colour rendering more than necessarily needing that f-stop. Would I be better off getting the Sony or should I get the Samyang?

  11. Hi, loved your video ! You really are one of the best reviewers on YT. I could use a bit of your advice :

    I have a sony a7riii and I have been using it with vintage lenses so far. I am thinking about buying my first FE glass and I cannot decide on which kit I would go for. I am hesitating between buying the samyang AF 85mm 1.4 + sony 24mm 1.4, or just buying the tamron 28-75 f2.8 for now (better for my wallet haha). What do you think ? (I do mostly street and travel photography)

  12. I bought this lens. overall I liked, But I had 135mm f2.0 rokinon manual lens and this was fantastic, compare this new 85mm, something wrong for me 😀 first I see rounded, Deformed background blur. in 135mm this was correctly, more sharpness, blur its same, but in 135mm was something more real and pleasing

    So what do you think compare with 85mm GM, Image quality its allmost same ?

    maybe I like 135mm for focal length features or samyang 85mm has disadvantages?

  13. Hi, Dustin, great review. One question for Samyang Lens. I had one Samyang 35 mm f2.8, I feel the lens has obvious yellow tone by comparing to other lens. Do you see similar yellow tone on the new Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 ?

  14. Thanks for the excellent review, Dustin! I think I'll probably get that Samyang. In the past I've looked many times at comparisons between the Sony 85mm f/1.8 and the 85mm GM, and I couldn't convince myself to get the 85mm f/1.8 and didn't want to get the GM. The Samyang seems to be the one to convince me.

  15. Thanks fror the review. How would you compare the image quality of this lens with that of the Premium XP 85/1.2? Particularly with regards to overall rendering and OOF blur?

  16. Thanks Dustin, for this and the other great reviews which are thorough and fact based without bias. I don't know why someone would give you a thumb down.

  17. This could be impossible to change as Dustin apparently loves to look into camera and to listen to himself for ages. That's fine, do it against mirror every day but for reviews, one review for one single lens should not take more then 6-7 minutes. To do it in 2-3 parts over 20 minutes is ridiculous and frankly stupid. Too bad as Dustin knows what he is talking about but jeez make those videos shorter and you get much,much more views/subscribers etc. We don't want to fall asleep watching your videos. GET TO THE POINT WITHIN 6-7MINUTES!!!

  18. have you tested this lens on apsc like the 6500 or 6400? i shoot with apsc (6500) and i am looking to get 85mm lens. its either the sony 85 1.8 or the samyang. which one would you recommend?

  19. I am watching this lens review not because I need this lens, just miss Dustin's voice 😀Dustin make some vlogs or talk about your wedding photography experience, please

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