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Science behind Doraemon's Time machine

A video about the science behind Doraemon’s Time machine…
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In this video you’ll finally be able to make….NO NO!!!… Not make but you’ll finally understand the science behind the time machine…its quite easy and its based on the famous time travelling theory “Tipler’s Cylinder”
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41 thoughts on “Science behind Doraemon's Time machine

  1. its possible because of the Quantum realm That drawer is not a portal its Quantum realm which is possible nowdays but to control that vehicle you getting in with is not possible so if tried to open the Quantum realm the time origin will be randomly choose and you cant get back from that time where you just traveled so you traveled and never came back stuck in that time line

  2. Vai tipler cylinder infinite diatance ki jagah agar usko ek ground ki charo taraf banake pipe line ki tarah bichane par agar koi usme jaye to

  3. Ak dam sach ha bhai lekin doraemon kab tak ban saktah ha future me lekin agar speed of light ka use kar toh time travel ho jayega or jaruri bat ki doraemon topic cylinder nhi time tunnel se jata ha WO bi speed of light me dvara

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