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SCP-306 The Frogs | object class keter | Biohazard / Contagion /Transfiguration scp

SCP-306 The Frogs is a fungus infection that infects humanity as a contagion / biohazard and can easily spread, turning people into frogs! Thankfully the SCP foundation has this contained! #scp #scpfoundation #creepypasta

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SCP reading video created by Eastside Steve of The Eastside Show!
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Written by Waterfire

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22 thoughts on “SCP-306 The Frogs | object class keter | Biohazard / Contagion /Transfiguration scp

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  2. Me at the bar: I promise I wont turn into a highly dangerous frog that infects people via touch, turning them into frogs

    Three drinks later:

  3. Love your work. Thanks Eastside. You sound like an actual combat capable researcher disseminating info to a mobile task force commander.

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