21 thoughts on “SheetJS Tutorial – Convert Excel to HTML Table

  1. If you're looking for the code. I already added the link to the description box but I don't know why it doesn't show up anymore. Probably a Youtube's glitch. So I'm going to post it here 🙂 https://redstapler.co/sheetjs-tutorial-convert-excel-html-table/

  2. From where can I download "xlsx.full.min.js" file, Can u upload and attach the link in your description itself, because I find only corrupted files online.

  3. Quem estiver com o erro "TypeError: ke is not a constructor" deve usar "dist/xlsx.full.min.js" nos arquivos de inclusão.

  4. thank you sir your code waste a lot of my time but i correct it by removing only (sheet:"sheet no1",) parameter now its working correctly

  5. Hello, my error reads "Uncaught ReferenceError: XLSX is not defined" in line: "XLSX.read(data,{type:'array'});".
    Please help me out.

  6. Hello, thanks for this video. How can I get HTML table from Local Excel file instead of an uploaded excel file ? Could u please help sending that line of code to extensionshkorg@gmail.com. Many thanks

  7. Ok it looks easy, but isn't this kind of videos intended to make things easy for other people? why not copying a real link to the code instead of using a link to your github hundreds of files? Do you really think people will find this piece of code among all those files? All your effort wasted because of been lazy at copying the link to the code files.

  8. Hi thanks for you work. i just got an error: Uncaught ReferenceError: Unint8Array is not defined, Can you help me fix it, i've been searching for solutions on google but to no avail. thanks

  9. Hello, thanks a lot but I have one question… when I load the xlsx file all the text is displayed incorectly.. example: KOLÍCÍ A EVIDENČNÍ

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