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SIGMA 35mm f1.2 Sony E-Mount Lens REVIEW | This CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!

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This is a REVIEW of the SIGMA 35 f1.2 ART Lens for Sony E-Mount Cameras. This lens CHANGES EVERYTHING in my mind. I tested it out on the Sony 9 and Sony a7R IV and it nailed focus time and time again at 1.2, even when photographing a fast moving kid. This lens will be perfect for every Sony full frame camera from the a7 III, a7R III, a9, a9 II and at a7R IV. Sigma 35mm f1.2

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37 thoughts on “SIGMA 35mm f1.2 Sony E-Mount Lens REVIEW | This CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!

  1. I've never hit time and time again at 1.2 EVER!!! In combination with the Sony eye af, the Sigma 35 f1.2 ART crushes. They said 1.2 couldn't be done on a Sony E-Mount….well, it's been done and it changes everything, or something . If they made this lens for the Nikon Z mount, I would own it right now. Don't forget to download the sample RAW files.

  2. The images seem pretty grainy at 1600 and 3200 iso. My 5DIV crushes these iso values, but this 35mm 1.2 seems to be a sweet lense, love the bokeh!

  3. how hard can it be to just make the click switch just go one setting past click, into locked, instead of having a ball bearing that bounces between little recesses in the epeture ring, use a rod with a spring one one end and a rounded end on the other side, when in click mode the spring will allow the rod to retract far enough for the ring to move, move the selector into locked position and the spring does not allow the rod to retract far enough

  4. Many of the latest sigma lenses released in both e-mount and L-mount. These mount of this lenses can be changed by Sigma with an extra cost. For example if you have an e-mount camera with various Sigma e-mount lenses and decide to pass to L-mount cameras you won't miss the previous e-mount lenses.
    Nearly all lenses follow a compromise between weight, size, optical quality, autofocus performance (except manual ones) and above all price. Sigma with the Art series decided to differentiate from other lens manufacturers and didn't compromise with size and weight. That allowed better optical quality with large apertures at reasonable price and autofocus performance.

    The heavier and larger lenses of the Sigma ART series for various mounts is indeed a disadvantage but at the end most photographers appreciate more the optical quality.

  5. REALITY! its not the photographer…only…its not the camera…there are lots of other things too which make a good photograph! BE FREE! VICTORY

  6. Its NOT the Camera…Its The photographer…
    LMAO…you all super pros are sucked up by you Ego! LMAO…how WRONG you are! how wrong…LMAO

  7. This lens is nuts. The only equivalent lens is the Voigtlander 35mm f1.2, manual focus for Leica M, and it's quite glowy wide open. This has autofocus and is sharp and beautiful. I wonder how the Sigma 28mm f1.4 for E mount compares.

  8. The Sigma 35mm f1.2 is a game-changer. If you want a f1.2 bokelish glass, you can't complain about the weight. As Jared pointed out, the sharpness and background blur is amazingly beautiful!

  9. Sorry, I know this video is reviewing a lens, but I couldn't help but notice that it looked like you were getting a clean video output (aka no autofocus points etc) while stills on the A9. Can you confirm this, as I've bee looking for a way to do this for a while. Thanks!

  10. When I going to buy my first Sony a7m 2, most of sales guys in, one of camera shop (Melbourne) , laugh and advised me to buy DSLR..
    I still go to that shop in Melbourne,
    But now I laughed at them…(excuse my English)

  11. A comparison to the 1.4 would be nice to see. Maybe something like "SIGMA 35mm f/1.2 vs. f/1.4 | IS IT WORTH DOUBLE THE PRICE???"

  12. Good job, Jared. You’re right about how difficult it is to get tack sharp on the eyes at f 1.2 with the Canon 50 1.2. It’s certainly possible, of course, but not easy, and definitely not as easy to get as you made it look with this lens. I have no doubt that the RF lens could do it more easily, but as you alluded to, it’s also about the camera. If you watch Julia Trotti’s videos, or Jessica Kobeissi, or Irene Rudnyk, they will shoot their Canon 50 1.2 occasionally at 1.2, but more often at f 2.0, just because of how difficult it can be

  13. I have trouble enough focussing at 1.4 with the 35mm 1.4 art, I do not see myself focussing good enough with the 1.2 :p

    I like aperture switches on my lenses.

  14. I have a team here working on what's Jared problem with "L mount alliance". Still not good results in the investigation.

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