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SIGMA fp – Pocket Full Frame Cinema Camera (Menu Walkthrough)

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cinema5D is present at the SIGMA event in Japan, where they introduced few new lenses and, more interestingly, the SIGMA fp – Pocket-sized Full Frame Cinema Camera. We filmed few quick clips at the event and explored the menu of the camera.

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36 thoughts on “SIGMA fp – Pocket Full Frame Cinema Camera (Menu Walkthrough)

  1. Guys, this is really preliminary information. We hope to be more knowledgeable soon and share the info with you. Thanks for your patience!

  2. i think this camera is overrated. I've seen some clips and my xh1 looks so much better. I love sigma lenses, but never was a fan of their camera system

  3. If this is priced at or under $2k, I have a feeling it will eat a lot of potential a7SIII sales (whenever the hell Sony decides to finally announce it!)

  4. Same old same old. There will be plenty of complainers once they get hold of it after they've used it for a while. And then some of those complaints will be addressed by sigma with their 'next model' bla bla bla. Samsung: Come back to us.

  5. It looks very promising. I have very high hopes on this camera. I think the biggest issue that I see right now is the lack of custom buttons. But looking at the menus, everything looks pretty sorted out. Great demo.


  6. First hands on video of Sigma fp I've seen… you guys at cinema5D are hot shots! .. Im a happy subscriber 🙂

  7. raw recording and dynamic range is fine and all but if you dont have the proper color science, which they definately dont have, all of these specs dont so much for me…

  8. If the screen is viewable at a angle it'll work for me. ie my phone can be seen at acute angles so I can tilt it above me and get a shot.

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