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Simple Plank Variation for a Nasty CORE Workout

Ready to amp up your core workouts? This simple plank variation takes the classic exercise (and your core training) to the next level.

There’s lots of plank variations out there, but I like this one because it adheres to 2 of the core principles of training – specificity and progressive overload.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a YouTube or Instagram challenge and suddenly want to do a 10 minute plank.

But there’s absolutely no value in holding a plank that long. The ability to hold a plank for even 5 minutes won’t transfer over to any other skill – it won’t help you perform better in your sport or meet your goals in the gym.

It’s also important to consider progressive overload.

Yes, going from a 30 second plank to a 1 minute plank to a 10 minute plank is technically progressively overloading your muscles.

But how can we progressively overload while still keeping specificity in mind?
That’s where this plank variation comes in.

[2:24] This variation has you start in a classic forearm plank position. From there, you’ll be moving your forearms wider apart, farther in front of you, or both.

[3:40]The great thing about this variation is that it includes both specificity and progressive overload.

You’re working on a specific strength challenge in each different position and increasing the challenge with each extra second you’re able to hold it.

So go try out this core workout and see how quickly you start shaking and sweating. Improving this plank variation can be your new core training goal – your whole body will thank you for it.

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4 thoughts on “Simple Plank Variation for a Nasty CORE Workout

  1. Your videos are always so great but I'd like to also commend you on your continual pronunciation of "specificity" 🙂 Well done all around.

  2. I like what you say about specificity. I am a Pilates instructor and precision of movement and maintaining integrity are key principles. Quality over quantity is our catch phrase.

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