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Sony A6400 VS Panasonic Lumix G95!  THE Dishonest Comparison!

Today we’re comparing two of my favorite cameras of the year. The Sony A6400 and the Panasonic Lumix G95, and we’re going to tell a couple of fibs just to make sure we’re on the edgy side of the youtube sphere because if we dont flat out say we’re honest then we must not be right?

But these two cameras are totally capable of running your dreams of internet stardom, but which one works best?

Lets find out!

Lumix G95

Sony A6400

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———-What Gear I Use!———————

Main Camera (Lumix GH5)

Main Lens (Sigma 16mm 1.4)

Secondary Camera (Sony A6400)

Secondary Lens (Sigma 30mm 1.4)

Main Audio (GH5 XLR Adapter)

Canon EOS R Playlist

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44 thoughts on “Sony A6400 VS Panasonic Lumix G95! THE Dishonest Comparison!

  1. I bought a lumix g85 and couldn’t deal with the autofocus, so swapped it for a canon m50 and almost regret it because of the crappy 4K and stabilisation, and lack of physical buttons. Now debating trading it back for a g85 or the a6400

  2. Your comments at the end were a bit confusing and not to the point. I recommend the G95, pick one or he other. Thank you for taking the to work onyour review =, Bravo!

  3. Rolling shutter is awful on the A6400. Just take a look at the jittery footage at 5:44 – and this is with the stabilized kit lens. Rolling shutter is less in 30p where there is a small crop.

  4. Notice g95 or any other g series from lumix have such amazing highlight and shadows control compared to any sony camera – where the highlights are always blown out in the default – I seldom find anyone talking about that point

  5. Should mention the rolling shutter of the 6400. It’s pretty significant and bound to disappoint. Should not be a thing in 2019.

  6. Question please? Is it truly recommendable to buy Full Frame lens for Sony Aps-C in case one wants to upgrade his/her camera to Sony Full Frame? in other words, Will full Frame lens work perfectly well on Aps-C Sony cameras? If so which Full Frame Sony Zeiss lens for all purposes you recommend to buy?

  7. I own both cameras I think they are both awesome in their own way. The Sony A6400 of course are better in low light compared to the Panasonic G95. Thanks so much for this comparison well appreciated.

  8. Pepsi IS the better tasting soda! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    Also RC Cola.
    Real sugar coke in the glass bottles hangs in there though.

  9. I like that you included dinos in the review. The crop is much more noticeable on the G95 however for hand held the stabilization is sooooo much better. Wish I could get both the A6400 AF and g95/95 IBIS plus flippy. Seems like the impossible dream.

  10. I just bought the A6400 mainly for the excellent Autofocus, and the small size of the camera. It is replacing my RX100V which I am giving to my wife. The A6400 with the kit lens is a little bit bigger than the RX100, but it has a mic jack and unlimited recording which the RX100 doesn't have. I already have a gimbal for it. As far as the G95, If I was looking at that, I would just spend a little more and get the GH5, or spend a little less and get a used GH4. Panasonic makes great cameras, but the focusing system they use is great for still shots, but not that great for video. I won't buy another Panasonic camera until they fix their focusing system.

  11. I really love your un-biased reviews of all the cameras you have on your channel. Nothing worse than hearing a review from a fanboy of a particular company, review a camera from another company.

  12. Soo… will you be giving away the G85? Pleaseee? I would love to own one. I don't have any cam and would appreciate that. 🙃

  13. Great comparison! I would be buying the G95 if it was under $1000 with the kit lens. I am more a stills guy who likes to play with video. I used to be a video pro a while back (can you say burnout?) so I do care a lot about video quality and features. I care even more about fiddliness. For that reason I just bought a used Panasonic FZ2500. I had intended to buy a used g85 but saw this one and boom. I have been really surprised by it in the couple of days I’ve had it. Great video quality and features including 10 bit external recording. Great stabilization for photos and 1080p. You lose some of it in 4K though. Long lens is great. It is really big. Next to my Panasonic LX100 it looks like a giant. I am mostly a micr 4/3s guy so I may go to the G9 or G95 at some point. Or used GH5. What I have now is amazing in the context of just a few years ago. I don’t vlog but both of my (very) young adult children do so I help with that when the need arises. I would absolutely go Sony if they come out with a stabilized A6400. I do like that, for the most part, Panasonic gives you all they’ve got. They don’t hold a lot of features just for their more expensive cameras. I imagine that the 4K crop in the g95 was a marketing decision but I could be wrong. I feel we should stop talking about micr four thirds, or any sensor size, as being cropped in relation to full frame. There are advantages to smaller sensors and for larger sensors. But don’t blow smoke on any sensor because of its size alone. I went away from FF a few years ago to lighten my load. I’m not going back. Do the medium format people talk about “crop” sensors on full frame cameras?

  14. The autofocus issue cannot be ignored. In the days when there was always at least two of us on a video shoot there was no question that manual focus was the only way to go, but in the new world of a single operator performing multiple roles at once the autofocus becomes the only viable option. Of everything discussed here it was the standout point that leads to choosing the A6400 despite my intense annoyance at the monitor compared to the Panny. Also I should point out that the e-mount path from A6400 to A7S II or coming III is a serious option. The GH-5 is a sweet camera, but I rely on my A7S II constantly for after dark work. I recommend Zeiss Batis lenses for dealing with the weight issues of full frame glass. Batis are superb lenses for sharpness and accurate autofocus, but it is their ultra-low weight for their size that I love about them most of all.

  15. I feel ya dude! I love the outdoors but mossies eat me up too!
    BTW You may be subpoenaed to appear at my bankruptcy trial. 😂
    Good stuff!

  16. I still miss the stabilization of Panasonic GH5, yet downgraded to a6400 because of the unusable AFC on GH5. I prefer shaky footage than focus hunting like crazy and out of focus. As we know how to handle camera during shooting to make post stabilize easier, it's not a problem. Record in 4K, post-stabilized and export in 1080p.

  17. Awesome, great comparison, good job comparing those 2 cameras I think that in the end it will come to owner preferences, both cameras are great, and with the time I guess it will be harder to decide, I think this is the best time to start creating content, there are so many options on a budget, by the way thanks a lot EverydayDad I just got my GH5 and I'm really happy, thanks a lot.

  18. 6:50 after a couple of these side by sides it appears that the G95 saves highlights better. It's that true or is it AE failure on Sony's behalf, or even user error? Because right now I'm seeing more usable SOOC DR from the baby boy sensor here over the Sony. And to me, that plus stabilisation, is big.

  19. Great comparison of similar/dissimilar cameras — in terms of your specific uses. I'm a Lumix fan (have a G85) — but I'd love to have the Sony AF. What park are some of those shots taken at? That dinosaur is cool!

  20. Or, you know, get a Zhiyun Weebill Lab as a little upgrade one day and put the 6400 on that bad boy. 😛 Still a tad too pricey atm, though~

  21. Deciding. I love the A6400 trying out in store, especially the auto focus, but that Panasonic stabilization, just wow: if walking around it’s just no contest the Panny is nicer to look at.

  22. I'm hoping to buy a A6400. I've watched a lot of reviews but I have noticed the highlight roll off on Sony cameras isn't the best, is it just me, am I wrong. I noticed it on Potato jet and Armando Ferrara's comparison between the A73 and EOS-R. This video is the same the Sony looks more 'digital'.

  23. Hey Everyday Dad i'm a Panasonic Lumix G85 and like you have mentioned before the auto focus is a real pain , i mostly use it in manual mode but if i really need that pull focus type of shot i switch it into single auto focus because it works better than the continue by far also 😅 sony cameras are wayyyy out of my price rang living in the caribbean is a drag with import taxes but overall great content and keep it up 👏

  24. Honestly, Sony's native aps-c zooms aren't that bad compared to M43. There are already 10-18, 18-135, 16-70, 18-105 that are priced no higher than M43 equivalents. Plus those Sigma 16-30-56 primes simply cannot be matched in M43 lineup.

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