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Sony a9 Long Term Review (2019)

I’ve been shooting with the Sony a9 in a professional setting for over two years now, so it’s finally time to hear my thoughts.

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41 thoughts on “Sony a9 Long Term Review (2019)

  1. I just used your affiliate link to get an a9 (on the 18th, it was delivered by the weekend)! I love it so far!! Thanks for your honest review. I had to get it through amazons payment plans lol so idk if you get the kick back still, but really I hope you do because you were the nail in the coffin for my wallet. RIP wallet- 2004-2019

  2. Wes, I normally like your reviews, but this one I feel you really blew the detail of their “non-functional”touchscreen. It does not allow scrolling menu items, pictures, pinch to zoom, or much of the touchscreen functionality that almost ALL other competitors have. Please cover this lack of functionality.

  3. Great review on the A9, would like your opinion on having an A9 or the new A7RIV, I shoot a little of everything 1/2 video 1/2 still.

  4. Thanks for the video you have convinced me to try the Fuji system and spend the money I save on lenses. Thanks for the honest video much appreciated 👍

  5. When I use my electronic shutter on my A9 I hear a tiny little beep….is that normal? It may happen when I autofocus in which case can I turn that little beep off? I throughly enjoyed your video. It was quite helpful on several things that I needed some input. Thanks.

  6. Great review Wes, I am currently a Canon user, 5d mark III, and I shoot a lots of outdoors sporting events. And here in Québec City , it is very cold during winter, minus 35 celsius in not rare.I am wondering about the operating limit of the A9 since the sec on it says from 0 to 40 celsius. Do you have any expérience in the cold weather? Should I be worried that it might stop working in such conditions? Thanks

  7. So this is what joe bastianich is doing when he is not busy cooking.. haha you out there shooting a wedding then taste a dish and put the plate straight on the trash when you do not like it.

  8. I also found your channel through recommendation. Bought the A9 at launch swapping my Canon 1D MKIV because of weight issues. Found your review to be balanced and fair. Thank goodness Sony are supporting the firmware updates, I will never forgive Canon for dropping support for the 1D MKIV in favour of the 1DX then 1Dx MKII.

  9. Loved the video. I'm looking to buy this camera in a few weeks, and a long term review that also highlights the camera'a flaws is exactly what I "needed" to sell me completely on this camera. I can work with all of the weaknesses or they don't matter at all for me, and I definitely want that speed the camera has got to offer. The A7 III was always the second idea, but second is not first. Great review that shows me the A9 is the camera I want :).

  10. This is a very good review about whats good and whats bad about this camera. I will say the striping issue is a huge deal breaker for me just because I like to shoot into the sun a lot and I've had some great images ruined from the striping issue. Also the banding is another issue but you can avoid it if you see it in the viewfinder and switch to mechanical shutter. Also there still can be some banding with mechanical with artificial lights with high shutter speeds. No camera is 100% perfect.

  11. So I watched a wedding YouTube discussing using the 7riii with crop sensor effectively making their 24mm and 85mm into an approx 40mm and 135mm and still great resolution. Trying to decide between a7riii and a9 for weddings, families, senior photo shoots. Any thoughts?

  12. I have bought an Arca Swiss l-plate for my a9. Now it is much more comfortable to hold. And only 3.5 oz heavier.
    Also, you forgot to mention that a9 has some noise even at ISO 100. IDK if anybody really cares though. 🙂

  13. I was surprised at your comment about image quality. I got the A9 yesterday and the IQ seems as good as my A7R3. I will continue to do some comparisons though. Thanks for your honest review. Mike

  14. I hope next gen Sony cleans up this current trio. Faster processor and next gen CFExpress cards could solve the a7iii vs R. I suppose the 9ii will always $tay a leap ahead but do bring up the other qualities like better mech shutter and DR.

  15. Hi Wes. How phenomenal is the 4k video quality of this camera and with the Zeiss Batis 85mm too? Can you compare it to Hollywood's quality?

  16. Een geweldig toestel, dat prachtige resultaten geeft. Bijzonder handig en ligt licht in de hand. Een plezier om mee aan de slag te gaan. Bedankt Sony dat ik dat toestel mocht uitproberen en was een geweldige ervaring

  17. Great video and a little more pressure for me. I am going on a 3-week safari in July and was on the wall on which camera to buy, a73,a7r3 or the a9 with the gm 100 to 400 and 1.4 converter plus a couple of more lenses. I travel a lot (70 Countries to date) and been using Olympus Omd-Em1mk2 with lenses (240,000 shutter count) and have now sold everything for the new kit. I do landscape, portrait, street and wildlife. What would be your choice for wildlife with your main lenses to take. Thank You

  18. Owned an A7R3 for 5 months last year. Ditched it because of poor ergonomics and the damned disappearing grey AF reticule, which both cost me shots. If only Sony'd packaged their mostly great technology in an ergonomic, comfortable body, they'd have my patronage…and more of my cash!! 🙂

  19. Fantastic review, thanks! I've owned the A9 for about as long and you've really captured the essence of the camera in real world use.

  20. Great video! I own the Sony A9 since 2 months maybe. And I am still learning how to integrate it best into my Wildlife work. For this, I am using a Sony 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 GM for short range and an adapted (Sigma MC-11) Canon 600mm 4.0 III glass (super light!!!). I am actually surprised about the performance. Yes, just 10fps in continuous AF. But still 20fps in single AF what works for me well as I apply in my work very often a focus trap. And the new 5.0 firmware is really cool one. My Canon 1DX Mark II stays more often now at home – except when it is bad weather outside. The weather sealing of the Sony A9 is really a bummer compared to a Canon 1DX Mark II. No good. I hope they will improve that with the Mark II.

  21. I am thinking of buying a A9 because it is now "only" US$3100 in Hong Kong. One thing I am hesitant about is the USB 2.0 port. Wes, does this slow port bother you? Thanks.

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