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Sony SRS-X88 Wireless Speaker Review!

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Sony SRS-X88:



Hold On by Joakim Karud
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20 thoughts on “Sony SRS-X88 Wireless Speaker Review!

  1. Mate what does 14.13" and 5.95lbs mean ? for the majority of the rest of the world how about converting to centimeters so we know what you are talking about !

  2. Hey Philip,

    Can I play music streamed over DLNA (eg. from a NAS or ROUTER) using only the speaker and its' remote, or is it mandatory to use the app for that ?


  3. Hey guys. I've added a sound test video for the SRS-X88 speakers. You can click the annotation or the card to go the video or click the link in the description box. Not really an accurate representation of how the speakers actually sound (you're technically listening your speakers or headphones' representation of the actual sound), but I thought some of you might want one just to get an idea of how they sound. Best way to test is still to listen to an actual unit.

  4. Sorry, i have an linguistic question. For what does the "need" at 2:00 stands for? I always heard this but didnt knew the real meaning. Thank you for a reply:)
    Greetings from Germany

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