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South Korea: ‘I’d love to say hello’ – Trump on potential DMZ meeting with Kim Jong-un

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US President Donald Trump confirmed on Sunday that he will be visiting the demilitarised zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea, with the hope of having a brief meeting with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The announcement came as the US president was meeting with South Korean business leaders in Seoul, soon after the end of the G20 meeting in Osaka.

“I’m going to the DMZ, I understand that they want to meet, and I’d love to say hello, is going to be very short but we are in territory that’s very close, so we don’t have to take long trips to cut this, so it’s good for both of us, let’s see what happens, I’m trying to work it out, not so easy”, warned Trump.

At the meeting, the US President also said a trade deal with China could be near, confirming he held a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the summit.

He also praised Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for organising a successful G20. “I have to say that Prime Minister Abe did a fantastic job, it was a great summit, a lot of good spirit, a lot of goodwill. And it brings really very importantly the world leaders together each to discuss some of the most important economic opportunities and challenges facing our nations.”

The US President said he was pleased at the renegotiated United States-Korea trade deal which reduced the two countries trade deficit in goods.

“Our upgraded agreement will benefit workers and both the United States and South Korea and includes strong provisions to increase South Korea’s access to the finest American-made products, including automobiles, agricultural crops, medicines and more. Under the terms of this deal South Korea will double the number of American cars that can enter the market each year,” Trump said.

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  1. This treasonous scumfuck has alienated America from its allies and aligned us with murdering shitbag scumfuck dictators, just what trump is trying to become in America,all involved will be held accountable, why doesn't the gop just move on to russia or north korea,you are not welcome in a free country.

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