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In this video I am doing a speedy sample re-review of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey! If you would like to check out full original bottle review click the link below.

Buffalo Trace:

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12 thoughts on “Speedy Sample Re-Review- Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

  1. I like Buffalo Trace… It tastes great and dorsn't break the bank. It's much better than many other bourbons at that price point.

  2. Hey Jon, Thanks for the review. I totally agree with your comments. BT is an ok decent whiskey. But, to me, it drinks more like an 80 or 86 proofer. At its price point I would rather have Elijah Craig, Jim Beam Distiller's Cut or even Evan Williams Bottled in Bond.

  3. Definitely good. Worth having on the shelf. I think the Trader Joe’s bourbon has it beat in both price and taste.

  4. I recommend Buffalo Trace to friends just starting out on their bourbon journey to try neat. Then it's all uphill from there

  5. Buffalo Trace is one of my go-to favorites. Luckily I can find it fairly easily in CT. Thanks for the review. Cheers

  6. Great Review!!! Buffalo Trace is good bourbon. Good being the KEY word. BT is not what I seek out or plan ahead of time when going to the liquor store. It's more of an impulsive purchase, not a big fan nor dislike it……..middle of the road.
    Cheers from Oklahoma

  7. I haven't had Buffalo Trace in a few years, there's a reason for that. It's just average. Certainly not worth the apparent demand and allocation or secondary pricing. I was at a LS last year that was asking $50 for this. I laughed.

  8. I think you just hit the nail on the head and uncovered the secret of most bourbons: the taste changes drastically over time, and for the most part, for the worse. Agreed, some bourbons taste better over time, but that's about as many bourbons that taste better with water: few and far in between. Unlike scotches, which typically taste better over time. Now, I gas everything: Private Reserve Wine Preserver

  9. Totally on-point. Buffalo trace is a great drinkable sipper but nothing special. A $20.00 bottle through and through. Even the store pick bottles are about the same for me.

  10. It's pretty tough to get Buffalo Trace around here, and when retailers get it they generally dont stick it on the shelves…not that I would seek it out anyway. When you can find it they generally ask $39.99 and it's not worth that to me. Perfectly drinkable but not memorable. Cheers!

  11. Hey everyone! My original score for Buffalo Trace was an 80. Something went wrong when I added my original review score to the video and it didn't come up. Sorry, didn't want to upload the video again. Cheers!

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