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Surviving MINECRAFT With FALLING LAVA! (endless)

Look out for the falling lava in Minecraft!


👉 Crainer:


Thanks to Chopper2112 for making the mod!

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✔️ This video is kid friendly / family friendly!


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38 thoughts on “Surviving MINECRAFT With FALLING LAVA! (endless)

  1. Hello I'm a girl but I'm just using my neighbor's tablet he gave it to us so I'm going to make a new account soon but I like this video so much keep making more and I will subscribe every time you post a new video

  2. Please, people do not come at me for this. But, CONSIDERING, videos like "I made a secret house inside his house" and other like it, are CLEARLY are staged.. Videos like this are alot more.. "real" and fun to watch. (In my perspective) My point being, that some of you're viewers do like these videos and don't like the staged ones.. I.. IDK, what the point is, I was just trying to day what I thought.

  3. You could just surround your self with stone and the can’t come in and just stay their winning boiiii

  4. Just letting you know that Josh won

    Bc it says MrCranier tried to swim in lava
    Jelly tried to swim in lava
    Then it says Slogomans tried to swin in lava

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