6 thoughts on “Tennis World Tour Patch 1.15 – What’s New?

  1. What is up with all the Wawrinka's in the Tournament-game ???? in every Tournament i start there are 5 or 6 Wawrinka's , and they are very good …. so in the semi final it's …. Wawrinka – Wawrinka and Wawrinka – Goffin or zo ….. Final Wawrinka – Wawrinka so one of the will win , hahaha …. this is zo stupid !!! is there a patch for this ?

  2. The problems I encountered are in some strokes animations, they are not fluid and above all realistic, and then on some occasions they give the feeling of being too cumbersome in movements to hit the ball.

    On several occasions it happens that the player is late on the ball, with little reactivity (both mine and opponent)

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