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The $50 Airpods Alternative // Pasonomi Wireless Earbuds Review

The Airpods have a solid challenger! The Pasonomi Wireless Earbuds are just $50, have solid sound quality and a case that can double as a battery bank.

Check out the Pasonomi Wireless Earbuds here (Affiliate Link):

Stuff I used to make this video (Affiliate Links!):

Lumix GH5

Prime lens with shallow depth of field: Panasonic 20mm F1.7 Lens

Great Lens: Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 Lens

New version of the lens I used: Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 Lens

Microphone: Audio Technica AT875R

On Camera Recorder with phantom power

Lapel Mic – Deity V Lav

Editing Software: Final Cut X

Sound Software: Audacity

Other Recommendations and Stuff I use sometimes

My Old Good Budget 4K Camera: Lumix G7

USB Recorder with phantom power

Okay Kit Lens I don’t use anymore: Panasonic 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 (it comes with the G7)


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25 thoughts on “The $50 Airpods Alternative // Pasonomi Wireless Earbuds Review

  1. I think what sets these ones apart from the other Chinese wireless buds on Amazon is the huge battery pack. It holds a ton of power and only needs to be recharged once in a blue moon. Also makes a great power bank for those of us with older phones with batteries that run out quicker than they used to. One thing I highly recommend is changing out the eartips from the cheap, sharp ones they come with. Dig through your old in ear buds and swap them out for rounder, smoother ones and it will make them much more comfortable and maybe make a better seal with the ear canal too. I would be interested in seeing how they would perform with foam tips like Comply has made for so many years. They might interfere with the charging case, however.

  2. Are pasonomi and the ikanzi the same headphones because they look exactly the same and I’m confused on which one to buy

  3. I appreciate your review, however it seems that all of the people that review ear buds fail to review one thing. That thing is using them in a working environment. I use them while mowing the grass under ear muffs. I also use them in an engine room under ear muffs as well as under a motorcycle helmet. The Pasonomi ear buds are working very well as the muffs and helmet do not press against the ear buds due to the non protruding design of the mechanism. They cause no ear fatigue from this use and are very comfortable. I can keep the volume low and pleasant enough to enjoy and still stay safe and comfortable. Just a thought for you on this use that no one mention's.

  4. To use only the RIGHT earbud:
    1) Take out only the right earbud, leaving the left earbud in the case.
    2) Go to your bluetooth settings and connect to “X9”. If you already have an existing “X9” connection, you’ll need to look for another that should be identical.

    Once you do this, you should be able to connect to each earbud separately, though the left earbud still remains as the primary connector if both are removed from the box.

  5. Constructive comment. You should try not to sound like you are unsure of everything you say. Things like "two seconds or so"…" three seconds or so"… "about that long"… etc… and stop looking to your side… it is distracting and weird…Also, try using tags in your video… to emphasize what you are saying like: "sound quality", "battery life" …etc

  6. The problem of them working sparely
    Put both of them in the charger then tap 3 times on each on after that u take them of and put them near of each other than press them both until on of them shines the two color and other one the blue color than connect them to phone (forget them on your phone so they won’t connect to the phone sparely)

  7. Thanks for your review! I know you said you like them not love them so with that said what’s your personal overall star level rating

    1-5, 5 being must have.

  8. Your review is incorrect. You can use one a a time or both together. You can use one and when it runs low swap on the charger.

  9. Any idea how to listen to each earbud separately? If I charge the right bud the left one still works, if I charge the left one the right one will not stay connected and power off

  10. Apple shouldn't be concerned because these are literal pieces of shit. Their sound is 1 second delayed making the audio unsatisfying. Sad thing is most wired earbuds are synced with the phone making it where you pause the audio and it pauses right away. These earbuds keep playing the audio for 1 second after the pause. They couldn't do one thing right. The sound quality is kinda bad for its price but it's a meh considering that its wireless. I reccomend to not get these if you like perfect music and don't want your music delayed. This product is easily a 2.5/5 if I'm being generous, if I wasn't, I would have gave this a 1/5.

  11. I have a pair that are going back to exchange the left ear and the right ear will not sync together, they did at first but they actually work individually now which is an annoyance.

  12. Thanks for the review! I bought these on a whim without watching any reviews which I realized is a bit of a stupid idea. I just got them today and they are a big uncomfortable to me as well and Ive had some pairing issues with them. Besides that they are definitely a solid choice for those who don't wonna cough up the $170 for airpods.

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