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The CRAZY Upgradeable Laptop – Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 Showcase

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In the world of soldered ram, pentalobe screws and glued down batteries – Panasonic is taking the complete opposite approach with the new Toughbook. They’ve created a laptop where nearly everything, including the GPU, can be swapped almost instantly.

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50 thoughts on “The CRAZY Upgradeable Laptop – Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 Showcase

  1. Everytime I see a Panasonic toughbook it's through a metal cage from the back of a police car Haha Haha! No joke

  2. The Lenovo IdeaPad y510p was a consumer/prosumer laptop with this concept too, the DVD drive could be swapped with a second gpu to use as SLI, or as a second hard drive, maybe a battery too? The interface and modules looked super similar to this.

  3. I've got an old XP laptop. It could take 2 batteries, floppy etc. Shame it didn't catch on back then. Weirdly the battery is still good.

  4. The reason they used that "piece of literature" is because of one of their targeted consumers is police operatives. So their on-vehicle computer systems can be tougher and louder.

  5. I'm a mac guy but this is seriously grabbing my attention. If it could run MAC OS this would be my definitive laptop, no joke.

  6. Letss make a universal serial bus let call it??… Hmm lets call it usb you can connect anything to it! Wow this is a great idea if only…

  7. This thing is really versatile.
    I could Imagine that it would be like a Swiss Army knive for an on-site admin, or for someone who works for a Telephone company in the field, but it definitely would also be a great choice for mobile police, military, intelligence or security applications.
    Very interesting device!

  8. Toughbooks are standard in most American police cars, which is why it has fingerprint readers, secure wifi, card readers ect.

  9. Loved It! I was considering buy a Surface book, but now I have a doubt. Does it handle 3D Modelling and digital illustration?

  10. Your reputation has preceded you I believe, yet no Toughbook parts were dropped during the filming of this product.

  11. I own and still daily drive a 6 year old Panasonic Toughbook C-19. It is way cooler than the one you are reviewing today, and I lament Panasonic's decision to discontinue the formfactor. Here is what it does:

    Battery life – 12hours
    Waterproof to 6 feet depth.
    Drop proof from 6 foot height
    Touch Screen
    One button tablet conversion spin screen, outdoor viewable
    External controls
    SDXC cardreader
    USB 3
    USB 2
    Gigabit Ethernet
    Wifi (c)
    500gb swappable SSD
    Intel i5 @ 3.4ghz
    12GB DDR3 CAS 9

    I can attest to the battery life. I have watched multiple full screen HD films on one battery. It can sit playing YouTube videos all day. I can broadcast music to a bluetooth speaker with the screen off all day and not even use 1/4th the battery. The touchscreen can be used with gloves on. The speaker can be heard at an airport.

    It is not the best "wow" screen colour. The speaker is tinny. The trackpad sucks. The keyboard is actually pretty good. What counts is I can throw a shoulder strap on it, go hiking in the woods, accidentally bounce it off a tree and drop it in a creek, and not even worry about it.

    It is actually tough. I love the thing, 5lb wight and all. I cannot actually imagine buying a flimsy regular laptop again. But I really like the tablet conversion. Please Panasonic, bring that back! I will buy a new one, I promise!

  12. I actually worked for a police department in the IT department and worked with these everyday, they are amazing!

  13. Clearly a public safety laptop for Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS. All the crazy specs seem to fit that market, but most departments are not going to be able to afford them

  14. If they ever make one with a large enough bay to fit a modern graphics card, they could easily become the authority in the field of making the laptops as modular as the desktops are. I mean, two batteries, one swap-able with a storage rack for a few SSDs/HDDs/SSHDs (aside the SSD in the back), a powerful graphics card which can be used for gaming, a processor which can be used for gaming (and it would be interesting if the default options would be AMD cpu+graphics), at least one HDMI and at least 3 USBs, at least one USB 3, and maybe having a port for compressed air to go into the cooling system, so we could have a fan-funnel setup sending more air to the laptop from a different room so we cannot hear the noise, and maybe also make the screen swapable, and you've got a much safer modularity than desktops, because you only need a few screws and the slots are much easier to change, since you would have a few models for their proprietary slots, instead of a ton of options which PCs usually have (so they could make each of their models more easily and safely upgradable than desktops, is what I'm trying to say).

  15. I would actually love a consumer version of this. just have basically a motherboard with a chassis with a bunch of universal connectors to build what you want. I wouldn't even care if it was a bit thiccer if I could choose between like (extreme example) dual GPUs for stationary home gaming, or swap it for dual battery for traveling, etc.

  16. The reason for the weird speaker description is because the government and services love these. From Police forces and Fore fighters to even the Air Force, Everyone swiped this up.

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