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THE ONLY TRAVEL PEN YOU NEED | Ensso Travel Fountain Pen Review | Drawing Taylor Swift in Ink

yeah so this travel fountain pen is dope and I love it

that’s pretty much it

The super star pen: *Ensso XS Pocket Fountain Pen (Brass) →

Thanks so much to Prestigify for sending me the pens and paper to try! All opinions are 100% my own.

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✧ *Ensso XS Pocket Fountain Pen (Brass) →
✧ *Ensso Piuma Minimalist Fountain Pen (Raw Aluminium) →
✧ *Ensso Uno Aluminium Pen →
✧ *Ensso Uno Pencil →
✧ *Kami No M-F Ground Notebook →
✧ *Kami No M-F Note Block →
✧ *Kami No M-F Fukuro Toji Notebook →


✧ *Colored Pencils → Prismacolor:
✧ *Masking Fluid → Incredible White Mask:
✧ *Paintbrushes → Black Velvet Silver:
✧ *Sketchbook → Handbook Journal Co:
✧ *Watercolors → Daniel Smith:
✧ *Watercolor Paper → Arches Rough:
✧ *Watercolor Pencils → Albrecht Durer:
✧ *White Gel Pen → Uniball Signo:


✧ *Cowboy Studio Lighting Kit →
✧ *Arkon Clamp Camera Mount →
✧ *Canon EOS Rebel T5 →


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✧ Intro → The Path of the Goblin King Kevin MacLeod (
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✧ End Screen → “Summertime”



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30 thoughts on “THE ONLY TRAVEL PEN YOU NEED | Ensso Travel Fountain Pen Review | Drawing Taylor Swift in Ink

  1. This video has a great reputation! This pen looks like it will never go out of style, it looks so delicate! Your videos are gorgeous 😍 I hope we will go back to December for some doggo footage soon! I promise that you'll never find a commenter like ME!

  2. I was just scrolling through your channel as I haven't been able to see videos for a while… aND THEN I SAW TAYLOR, AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BUT I INSTANTLY STARTED SCREAMING BECAUSE OF THAT 😍😍😍 Btw, great video 💕💕💕

  3. This is an excellent guide to tuning fountain pens, which can really help with any scratchiness! I have a deep love of fountain pens, so I FEEL where you are coming from. lol

    Edit: Oopsies. Omitted the whole point of the comment.

  4. Beautiful artwork and nice looking supplies. I found the information and review of the pens and pencils interesting, supported by your demonstration of the mechanism of the pens and to a lesser extent, the pencils. However, given the very unusual features of the paper in the note books and note pad, it would have been helpful if the video also showed how those features work. Unfortunately the voice over description didn't really help me to understand how they work – although I assume that if any of the viewers are already familiar with these products it might have been helpful to them. Nevertheless thanks for introducing these products. I will look around to see if I can find more information on the notebooks, as I do enjoy stationery products.

  5. In case of flying: ink gushing out of your fountain pen happens due to changes in air pressure. Apparently the cap seals very well on your pen, since the ink ended up in the cap and not outside of it… But I would advice to either: fill the pen up completely before flying, that would reduce the amount of air that can expand inside to a minimum, or: empty it completely, so there is no ink to spill. Also, keep it upright, nib up, so that when ink is pushed out, it will first travel up , saturate the feed and not spill immediately.
    Great video, shows what more we can do with fountain pens!

  6. I haven't used or seen a fountain pen in such a long time. I think the last time I used one was in elementary school or something. It amazes me how tools I used when I was kid make a comeback nowadays and can be used in such amazing creative ways. Keep up the good work 🌸

  7. If you refill the fountain pen by plunging the nib into the ink and then twisting the piston to refill it, you’ll get a bit extra ink versus just refilling the piston bit

  8. Ugh! I've always wanted a fountain pen and now that I have one, I wanna have some more! Like this one!! More power to your channel!!🌹❤️

  9. As someone who is a Swiftie(my profile pic is literally pictures from a rep show) I got really excited when I saw the thumbnail lol

  10. Always enjoy your videos, but with my hands I have trouble with thin pencils as I get older and my hands are stiffer with arthritis so I use the thicker models. I like the fountain pen and it is the evolution of the nib style pens and you do not need to keep an open ink bottle and it helps avoid spills! We can tell you like this pen! Have a lovely day!

  11. Dang, Im early! Love your videos! Definitely wanna try fountain pens for sketching since Ive been using ball point pens for quick sketches

  12. EARLY SQUAD!!! Love you! You are and amazing drawer!!!! I was the first viewer!!! Love you. Also why is it hullo not hello? No hate love it just wondering!!!

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