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The Panasonic S1 with Leica M lenses. It sees in the dark.

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Order the S1::

Lenses I used here:

Voigtlander 35 1.2:

Canon 50 1.2 EF:

A nice Leica M to L Adapter:

The best Canon EF to L Adapter:

The Panasonic S1 arrived and threw me for a loop. Using manual focus M lenses and even Canon EF lenses it is delivering to me the most pleasing manual focus experience I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. On top of that, the best low light performance I have seen from any camera of this type. This S1 is amazing with its L mount as it allows us to use many lenses via adapters. Little jewel like lenses such as the Voigtlander 35 1.2 or 35 f2 are fantastic on this camera. The Canon 50 1.2 EF lens, amazing on this camera when using an adapter. The giant EVF makes it a breeze to focus. I bought one and it is replacing the Leica SL for me as it beats it in all ways besides design, and minimalistic menus.


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31 thoughts on “The Panasonic S1 with Leica M lenses. It sees in the dark.

  1. My first look at the Panasonic S1 for shooting Leica M mount lenses and even Canon EF Lenses. This camera is amazing for low light shooting, and gives amazing quality in all areas from color to detail to dynamic range and high ISO capabilities. I have loved the Leica SL for shooting M lenses for four years but the S1 beats it for me for my use, very low light. I still love the SL though, and to me is now a classic. Here I take the S1 out to my usual locations to give it a low light workout. Also to see how it does with M lenses. Such a joy to shoot with manual focus due to the mastic 5.7 MP EVF which is improved over the SL EVF. I can eve MF with precision without blowing up the image. At less than half the cost of the SL, the S1 provides crazy good value. One of the best full frame cameras I have ever shot with for what I shoot. I also show here a quick "vlog" style test using the 24-105 Kit lens to see how the AF did, and it's much quicker than a GH5 ; ) Video tests here are right out of camera from 1080P 24 FPS all in basic auto mode. More soon…See more at

  2. AWESOME snake! I have an albino snow corn and love him. Great review on the S1, too. I'll look into purchasing that one. Maybe! Those M lenses might cause a divorce if I choose to shoot with them. (ha)

  3. How relevant in the a9 to the Lumix S1? I’m thinking that after two years of firmware updates, that the A9 still has the new S1 beat, though from afar I have fallen in love with the S1… sooo hard to choose, though the Sony has an AF that is spot on, & I see the S1 out of the gate is suffering…I think I just talked myself back into the a9… oh well…

  4. Review is up at my Website:

  5. I was @ B&H yesterday and i tried the S1 Lumix and compared the Lumix with Nikon , Canon , and Sony mirrorless camera , and i was fell in love by the build quality , huge EVF and the resolution in the EVF , color , and also the autofocus was actually very good considering this is their first FF camera and I assumed the AF is better than my Lumix G9. There’s also Sony users , and they tried the Lumix and compared with their Sony A73, they argued why Panasonic camera is so much bigger than their Sony camera ,or even with Canon and Nikon mirrorless to justified their feelings about the Lumix . I said ; I don’t know , maybe Panasonic don’t have the guilt to make bigger camera than others brands”.

    What do you meant ? He asked me . I said ; “maybe Sony , Canon and Nikon feel ashamed if their new mirrorless have to be bigger than their DSLR or SLT 🤣🤣🤣🤣while for Panasonic this is their first full frame camera 😜😜😜

  6. The only downside of the S1 is how heavy the body is ( a hair over 1000g). I'm a travel camera user. I'd get this in a heartbeat if it's +/- 650g.

  7. Do you know if there's going to be a firmware update in lumix s1 where we can shoot Prores raw with atomos ninja v?

  8. I cannot wait to see the 10 bit out of this when it gets the update! If only they made an M to L adapter with ND filter like Canon has for the R.

  9. I think Panasonic are doing the right thing. They have some high end full frame cameras to meet that low light demand but at the same time they have more compact micro four thirds gear for other needs.

  10. It's a nice camera, but it's a very tough market space – and the lenses are far too expensive. I'd be surprised if it's still in production 2 years from now.

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