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[Vinesauce] Vinny – AI Dungeon 2

Vinny streams AI Dungeon 2 live on Vinesauce!
Stream date: Dec 8th, 2019
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December 8th, 2019 Stream:
[Prestream] Vinny Screaming with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Introduction ►
AI Dungeon 2 ►
[Cut] AI Dungeon Technical Difficulties + Bonus Talk to Transformer ►
Cursed Halo ►
[BRB Talk] American Dad Intro Corruptions, $150,000 Banana, Non-stop Vibrating Controller ►
Book of Mario: Thousands of Doors ►
[Cut] Book of Mario Technical Difficulties ►
Vinesauce Art Corner #1148 ►

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31 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] Vinny – AI Dungeon 2

    > maclunkey
    [Cut] AI Dungeon Technical Difficulties + Bonus Talk to Transformer ►

  2. >casts fireball at man
    >man screams as he burns alive
    >casts healing spell on burning man
    >man smiles at you
    >holds man's hand
    >man kisses you as he weeps
    >proceeds to tell him to fuck off


  3. 18:13 , no joke, I just got out of a intense game where I actually time traveled back into the past. If you want to know, I did so because I united all Elves and Orcs against the evil city of Felkan.. The Orc leader had told me that there was a book, that I eventually found, that allows you to time travel. But it turned out I needed somebody to explain to me how to do use it. Turned out there was a warlock inside the city of Felkan that knew how to do it. But first I had to sneak into the city, which I did, while my united army of elves and orcs rained bow fire on the city guards to distract them while I sneaked in. I and a wizzard friend conviced the warlock (after casting hold person) to teach us, and eventually I had access to the item "the Time Gate". I then warped back in time to the moment the Old queen gave birth to the evil king, and warned her for him, insisting that she would get another mentor for the king so that he may grow up benign. When I came back, the city was normal… And the orcs and Elves that had been driven from their land by Felkan, now lived there in peace again. This game…!

  4. Near the ending of the video I like to interpret that as a never ending purgatory for the mans crimes. He will forever live his terror of killing his village and feasting on a wild beast that was his last meal. He knows he’s in a loop and tries to break from it but it will forever be in his choice hell

  5. This game only has 4 endings. Huge sex party, murderhobo ascends to godhood, death, and a dementia fueled nightmare limbo hell from which there is no escape.

  6. you look at the maclanky and think about the maclanky and think about the maclanky and think about the maclanky and think about the maclanky and think about the maclanky and ness ness ness ness ness it hurts it hurts and think about the maclanky and think about the maclanky and

  7. WAIT.
    You reach a castle, climb it up and find a ladder, you climb a ladder and find yourself at an underdround cave……

    Is this a dark souls 2 reference?
    It looks like a dark souls 2 reference

  8. So are Blargons creatures that can respawn themselves? Did he invent a species?

    Also Luigi-Android self destructed apparently.

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