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The Wilson Clash 100L Tennis Racquet brings the game changing Clash feel to lighter weight version. It incorporates FreeFlex: a revolutionary technology that makes Clash the world`s first racquet designed and engineered to bend with any swing style. The dynamic flex is a perfect fit for the modern tennis swing, and provides an uncanny feel. StableSmart, the unique frame geometry of the Clash, provides best-in-class stability for the most flexible frame in the sport.

The Clash 100L also incorporates Dynamic Stability X-Section Technology to maintain high-end stability in a racquet with so much dynamic flex. Simply put, players can swing big and have confidence the racquet performs with control.

The racquet is very maneuverable at 10.5 ounces strung, features a 100 square inch head, and a 16×19 string pattern. Wilson recommends a tension range in the low to mid 50s for multifilament strings, and in the mid 40s with polyester strings.If you are looking for more weight, check out the Clash 100 Tour.

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