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WINGSTOP vs. BUFFALO WILD WINGS – Restaurant Taste Test!

WINGSTOP vs. BUFFALO WILD WINGS – Restaurant Taste Test!
Check out my cameo!
y’all omg this video was so fun to eat lol! i taste tested wingstop chicken wings and buffalo wild wings! which one do you think will win? the chicken wings were great at wingstop, but buffalo wild wings might be even better! watch to find out! i tried chicken wings, fries, desserts, and a few other things! let me know what other #food you guys want me to taste test! thank you for watching!


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23 thoughts on “WINGSTOP vs. BUFFALO WILD WINGS – Restaurant Taste Test!

  1. Also i work at wingstop… and u can get a 3 peice if u wanted to… your wingstop should be shut down man lol. I hope u give em another shot… and if u do make sure u get the seasoning on the fries… and also if u like cheese fries and cajun seasoning you HAVE to try the Louisiana voodoo fries.

  2. This isnt wing review… its a sauced chicken nugget review… its not about having less meat… its about having dark meat as opposed to white and having the marrow flavor from the bones… the taste of boneless wings just does not compare to the amazing taste of a traditional wing… and whoever made your food at wingstop should be fired immediately… the fries at wingstop are the absolute best… esspecially with ranch.

  3. My boyfriend and I are deciding between wingstop and buffalo wild wings after the video we decided on wingstop and then I looked at the comments to get more opinions… I will NOT eat the wingstop fries without ranch.

  4. 1. You have to have wing stop ranch 2 they didn't put seasoning on ur fries
    3 I put my wings on the rolls… So good
    I also like Buffalo wild wings as well great video 👌

  5. Your personality is cringey and annoying as hell. It's the same as if I had to hang out with dudes that sounded like Bill and Ted all day. It's not a homophobe thing, its just too over the top it sounds forced

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